Someone Is Impersonating Amanda Bynes Online & She's Pissed

It seems like an eternity since Amanda Bynes has graced the scandal pages. Few can forget her problem-filled 2013, but Bynes has gone dark for quite some time. Only recently has she dared to place a toe back into the stream of public discourse.

Now, she's being dragged down into that stream by someone that she says is impersonating her. That person is apparently quite good at doing so, because they have about 23,000 Twitter followers.

Whomever it is, they're getting married. Or they say Bynes is getting married. Look.
They're also doing so on Instagram.
Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
And Bynes is pissed.
She's been trying to get the other account taken down since August of last year, to no avail.

We're not really sure what to say about this, other than the obvious. Don't impersonate celebrities. That's messed up. Who would do that? A big jerk, that's who. So stop it.

(But also, who's that guy? Is the ring real? What's going on here?)

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