Kim Kardashian's 1988 Barbie Photo Shoot Is Too Good

Kim Kardashian was thirsty even as a child, and, true to form, she's got the receipts to prove it.

The reality star dug deep into her personal archives to unearth a copy of a 1988 issue of Barbie, a magazine devoted to Ken's main squeeze. In a Snapchat shared yesterday, Kardashian revealed that the "Special California Issue" marked her first-ever magazine appearance. Sure enough, she and two other girls can be seen trying to track down celebs by poring over a star map. Ironic, no?

"You guys, my first debut was in 1988 in Barbie Magazine," she told fans as she flipped through the magazine. "Look at, what a star. Reading star maps."
Kardashian was born in late 1980, so she would have likely been just seven years old at the time of the shoot. And now she's the one posing as Barbie and having her Dream House listed on star maps. Somewhere, Kris Jenner is stroking a white cat and laughing maniacally.

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