Why I'm Glad Michael's Story Took This Crazy Turn On Jane The Virgin

Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty.
Warning: Spoilers for season 3 of Jane the Virgin ahead.

If you watched last night’s episode of Jane the Virgin, you know that the show just lost a major character. Jane’s husband Michael is dead, for real this time. He literally drops dead as a result of complications from his season 2 gunshot wound. It was a shocking plot twist that no one expected. But I’m glad it happened.

Simply put: I have always been #TeamRafael. Despite being a very black-and-white thinking Capricorn, when it comes to relationships, I will choose passion over practicality every time. So even though Michael may have been the best choice for Jane on paper, but we all know that she never had the same sparks with him that she experienced with Rafael. Remember Jane’s lackluster response when she finally lost her virginity to Michael? Rafael would never have made her feel like that.

Michael was boring. And his need to always do the right thing was annoying. I never saw it for him. But may he rest in peace.


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