Fans Turned On Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui After She Called The Super Bowl A Distraction

Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.
Fifth Harmony fans are up in arms after Lauren Jauregui took to the internet on Sunday with some choice words about the Super Bowl. In a now-deleted Instagram, the singer wished everyone a happy Super Bowl Sunday along with the hashtag #ignoranceisbliss.

"Go ahead and stay distracted," she added.

Fans were put off by the sentiment, but according to Perez Hilton the 20-year-old defended herself in the comments before taking down the picture.

"You know what I find annoying?" she wrote. "The fact that our country is being overtaken by a fascist dictator and that people would rather feel COMFORTABLE and complacent and cry over what TEAM won being sacked and hit and hit and knocked to the ground on their way to an end zone over a ball."

In response, some fans tried to explain themselves, saying that a distraction was exactly what they needed during this contentious time in politics.
Jauregui took fans' words to heart. Shortly after the post, she followed up with another, this time explaining her point of view and apologizing for any offense people may have taken.
"My comment was aimed at the ability for our entire conversations to be taken over by a sporting event but I also understand how that was misinterpreted as a direct attack on something that brings unity and peace of mind to people," she said. "I was in no way trying to imply that escapism isn't necessary, I'm involved in arts and I very well know the role that it has in easing hearts and while I don't share that common interest with sports, it isn't my place to discredit the unity it does promote."

It sounds like everyone wants the same thing: to find a balance between enjoying life and staying politically active. Luckily, this instance proves that it really is possible to do both.

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