5 Super Bowl Ads That Give Us Hope During These Dark Days

Every year, we're inundated with Super Bowl ads. They can be cheesy, funny, and usually have major celebs shilling everything from tortilla chips to designer water. And while those clips are fun to watch and talk about the next day, this year saw a few commercials that took on heavier issues. It was a surprise to many, but given the state of the world, it was great to see a few companies really push forward and focus on positivity and not just profits. Here are a few that stood out.

Coke's ad, which was actually from the 2014 Super Bowl and later recycled during the Rio Olympics, features "America the Beautiful" being sung in various languages. According to Coke, the 90-second spot features "English, Spanish, Keres, Tagalog, Hindi, Senegalese French, and Hebrew." It also shows the various cultures that make up today's America and some truly epic rollerskating.
Some saw Audi's ad as anti-male, but the truth is, the commercial, which features a group of kids participating in a soapbox derby, illustrates that men and women should be valued equally. We don't know why the commercial has received 25,000 thumbs-downs on YouTube, because it's a sweet and touching spot — a rare feat for an ad peddling luxury cars.

You wouldn't expect Budweiser, which temporarily changed its cans to read "America" this year, to offer up a timely ad, but this year's spot didn't feature the brand's beloved clydesdales. Instead, the commercial focused on the brand's roots — namely, that it was started by an immigrant. In the wake of President Trump's immigration ban, it was timely.

Airbnb followed suit. Just nine days after Trump's executive order, it released this year's Super Bowl ad. The company's chief executive, Brian Chesky, told the NYT, "This is a policy I profoundly disagree with, and it is a direct obstacle to our mission at Airbnb."

That was on January 29. Days later, the company started to provide free and subsidized temporary housing for those affected by the travel ban. The commercial reads: "We believe no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love or who you worship, we all belong. The world is more beautiful the more you accept."
Another surprise addition? Michelin Tires, which gave us an ad about the importance of family. It was a champion of inclusivity, too, showcasing families that were Black and Asian. Plus, who can resist the Michelin man making a heart emoji out of his hands? It'll make you want to hug a loved one.

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