Relax, The Super Bowl Is Not The Election

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America, we have a lot of emotions to work through together.

But something tells us this Twitter-meme-hot take bonanza is not the healthiest way to work them out.

No matter which side you rooted for, last night's Super Bowl was quite the emotional roller coaster. The Falcons had it on lock until the Patriots made a dramatic comeback at the very last minute.

Sound familiar? It did to the Twitterverse, too, since we saw all the election-metaphor jokes last night.

Very funny, guys.
Because it's 2017, a company called Tenor even tracked people's GIF reactions. Searches for "nervous" during the game soared by 4,366%.

And today, #NotMySuperBowlChamps started trending on Twitter with a variety of different takes. A few were earnest. But many people seemed to be using it as a way to troll #NotMyPresident.
Casual reminder: Football is not politics. It may be fun to follow, but it doesn't have the same type of impact on millions of lives (no, it doesn't, sorry). Yes, Tom Brady is BFFs with Trump and Trump sent that congratulatory tweet. But for every Tom Brady, there's a Martellus Bennett, the tight end who won't attend the winning team's celebration at the White House in an act of resistance. And there are so many liberal Patriots fans! Have you been to Boston?

Now that we have all of that out of our systems, can we just agree on one thing?

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