Mandy Moore Says This Is Us Won't End In Tragedy — At Least This Season

Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC
This Is Us is notorious for punching fans right in the feelings. With a reputation like that, it only seems fitting for the show's season 1 finale to offer a healthy dose of tears. Perhaps tears brought on by a beloved character's death? While I wouldn't put it past the NBC family drama, Mandy Moore is here to ease some of our biggest This Is Us fears — fears that she also ignited via one cryptic Instagram.

It all started when the actress behind matriarch Rebecca shared a photo of the cast. The picture was taken during the filming of the season finale, and it looked like the cast was seated in an auditorium. Or was it a church?! The dressed-up characters certainly looked like their clothes were dark enough for a funeral. Also, where the heck is William (Ron Cephas Jones)?!?

Moore insists it's not what it looks like. After realizing that she freaked out This Is Us loyalists, she penned this caption:

"Good day at the office. Sad to say goodbye to these faces for the season. Too much fun. Too many laughs. #thisisus #thebackofanegg. ***Update- the photo is dark. No one is in black actually. Everyone breathe. We're at Kevin's play. Hence the hashtag."
Moore may have put our fears at ease for now, but let's be real: This Is Us won't bow out without a doozy of an ending. Could that mean a tearful goodbye from William or a major reveal about Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) death? We're excited to see Kevin (Justin Hartley) star in something other than The Manny, but come on — there's got to be more drama than just the one going down at Kevin's play.

Regardless of what Moore posts on Instagram, my box of Kleenex is staying glued to my side on Tuesday nights.

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