These Swedish Female Politicians Trolled Trump In The Best Way

President Trump has been in office for only two weeks and people have found what feels like a million ways to troll him. But a group of Swedish female politicians took the game to the next level — and we're here for it.

On Friday, Isabella Lövin — Swedish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate — posted a photo on her Facebook account that showed her signing a law on the topic of climate change. (An issue that Trump has called a "hoax" repeatedly over the years.)

The new law requires the government to help reduce greenhouse emissions, which is pretty cool. But the best part about Lövin's post? It shows her surrounded only by women.
If the picture looks suspiciously familiar to you, it's because you might be having some gender-bended déjà vu.

In late January, a photo of Trump and his close circle went viral because it was the literal definition of a boys' club. The kicker? The president was signing an executive order to reinstate the Mexico City Policy, a law that blocks foreign organizations from receiving federal aid if they provide abortions or even abortion counseling. (Men legislating against reproductive rights. What an oddity!)
It's not a shock that Trump is making decisions that affect women while surrounded by men. As we have previously reported, Trump's cabinet is the least diverse in almost three decades — with women making up only 17% of it.

But if the picture of Lövin and her squad is any indication, the U.S. could stand to learn a thing or two from Sweden about the power of women in government. They can be funny and sign some kickass, progressive legislation. Rock on, ladies.

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