Is The Twitter Account That Predicted Beyoncé's Pregnancy Totally Bogus?

When magicians skillfully trick audiences by way of masterful dexterity, it's called a sleight of hand. When an anonymous Twitter account magically predicts a celebrity birth announcement months in advance, it's called suspect.

In July 2016, Twitter account @beyoncefan666 eerily seemed to predict Bey's baby news:"Okay so Beyoncé is gonna announce a pregnancy in February(2017)."

Twitter was gobsmacked. The old tweet has currently been retweeted 50,000 times. Not too shabby for a random account. Though many were also skeptical. Who is this Miss Cleo protégé?

The podcast Reply All however, is calling BS. On Twitter, they made a revelatory conclusion. It was all illusion. "Here's how you become a psychic like @beyoncefan666 2a. Lock acct 2b. Tweet all possible outcomes 2c. Delete wrong answers and unlock."
Aha! So that's how the user did it. The account has also been linked to several other major predictions that have come to light: President Donald Trump winning the election, Brexit, and Lady Gaga performing at this weekend's Super Bowl.

If this was the strategy used — tweeting every possible outcome to various headline-making news moments — the user had an awful lot of deleting to do.


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