Drew Barrymore Surprised Me With A Makeover!

When the beauty team asked if I would be down to film a last-minute tutorial with a makeup artist, I had absolutely NO idea what I was in for. Arriving at the Manhattan hotel, I casually poked around with products while waiting for the artist to arrive — wondering what was taking so long.

30 minutes later, who walks in but Drew freaking Barrymore. My face goes beet red, my hands race to cover my gaping mouth, and she shakes my hand. "The makeup artist couldn't come, so I came instead!" she explained. Um, what?!

I didn't know it at first, but the products in front of me were made by Drew's cosmetic company, FLOWER Beauty, and everyone was in on the gag EXCEPT me. The day went from 'just alright' to 'absolutely epic' almost instantly, and we spent the hour laughing, swapping techniques, and, of course, doing our makeup. My favorite products are the FLOWER Skincognito Stick Foundation and the FLOWER Shimmer + Shade Eyeshadow Palette.

Check out the video above to see my reaction, learn more about the line and the products we used, and pick up some valuable beauty tips from Drew. If you enjoy watching videos of people being surprised — and you're a makeup junkie — then you'll LOVE this. I know I did.

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