The White House Swing Set Is Moving For A Wonderful Reason

The Republican party is queueing up for a political blitz next Wednesday that they hope will allow them to Trojan Horse all of Donald Trump's most controversial cabinet nominees plus comprehensive legislation to deny healthcare to millions of Americans. Meanwhile, the Obamas are getting rid of a swing set, according to CNN.

Somehow, moving the swing set seems more symbolic than another piece of lawn furniture. Maybe it's a reminder that we're entering a radically less different national time, with a person entering the White House who doesn't seem entirely intimate with playground equipment. Or maybe it's just that we as a nation have lost our collective innocence. Still, the swing set. Orson Welles could create a sequel to Citizen Kane about this thing.

A source within the Obama administration tells CNN that they offered Trump and his family the swing set, but the incoming President declined. The set has been a fixture at the White House since 2009, when Barack and Michelle surprised their daughters with the two-story structure. A spokesman for Michelle Obama confirms that the girls "squealed in delight," according to CNN.

The set has now been donated to a local organization for people in need.
That's a luxury swing set. Any child would be lucky to swing on that set, we would say.

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