These Tweets Will Make You Question Your Spending Habits

We're big on weird money-saving hacks here at Refinery29. From only ordering appetizers to literally freezing our credit cards, we've figured out a whole bunch of creative ways to exist as poor millennials. But there are some things on which we'd never regret spending money (yes, sometimes these things are quilted and have sturdy chains and double-C logos). So when we saw #TheBestMoneyIHaveEverSpent trending on Twitter, we decided to lurk and see what others consider their zero-regrets splurges. After we sifted through the trolls, because of course, we found some surprising, relatable, and at times heartwarming answers.
Pretty much exactly same. Scary.
What a nice lady.
Even more important in 2017.
Gooo sports.
Way to bring dog puns and the Bible together.
Netflix is always a good investment.
Our love for Lush bath bombs knows no bounds, so we really feel this one.
Yeah, no surprise there.
Or there.
And we end on another good deed.

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