Matt Lauer Wore A Choker On TV & People Can't Handle It

Photo: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images.
Welcome back from the holidays, folks. Not yet a week into 2017 and we already have the first viral trend of the year, thanks to ASOS' proclamation — or, rather, declaration — of what we had already noticed at Men's Fashion Month: that men's chokers are a thing. Naturally, the public had opinions on the matter. But, skepticism aside, the conversation surrounding chokers for men broke out beyond the cyber-sphere and into the mainstream — and by that, we mean daytime television. On Wednesday morning, Matt Lauer shared a closely-guarded "secret" on Today: He's been wearing chokers underneath his suit and tie all along.

"They're late to the game," Lauer said of ASOS' wide-ranging selection of chokers for their male clientele, "because, guys, I've been wearing a choker for years." He unbuttoned his shirt and loosened his tie to reveal a simple black velvet choker. (How very Gigi Hadid of you, Lauer.) His co-hosts were all quite amused by the gag, but it was the internet that collectively lost its marbles over the incredible screenshot this bit afforded.
Some are proclaiming that the death of the choker is among us, while others have declared Lauer as lead #ManChokerAdvocate. What we can all agree on, though, is that 2017 is already pretty weird.

Watch the full segment over at Today.

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