The Very Best Songs From Nashville

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Nashville is back — this time around, at its new home on CMT. The network switcheroo may be questionable to some viewers, given that CMT isn’t exactly known for its groundbreaking programming. It wouldn’t be completely unreasonable for fans to worry that the nice polish on the series' outlandish storylines might be stripped away on a channel that specializes in backwood reality shows. It’s also almost a certainty that Nashville will be bringing an influx of viewers that the network normally wouldn’t reach.

But no one can deny that Country Music Television is also a super obvious choice to host a show like Nashville. Being the country version of Empire, Nashville is nothing without its musical interludes. The original music for the show is the real treat for country lovers. The second part of the season five premiere is certain to bring both the hits and the drama tonight.

But while you twirl your thumbs, check out some of these favorite tunes from Nashville.

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“Black Roses” (Clare Bowen as Scarlett)

A song about your abusive mother will never not be good. To lay it on thick, Scarlett performed the song in front of her mother. The Bowens are definitely going to need some family therapy one of these days.
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“Keep Coming Back” (Charles Esten as Deacon)

How exactly is it that exes always seem to come back, even when we don’t want them to? This song investigates.
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“He Ain’t Gonna Change” (Connie Britton as Rayna and Hayden Panettiere as Juliette)

Because every woman of dating age needs to accept this singular fact about that troublemaker who will absolutely return (at least try) to ruin your life (again).
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"I'm A Girl" (Hayden Panettiere as Juliette)

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“A Life That’s Good” (Charles Esten as Deacon and as Lennon Stella as Maddie)

You can never go wrong with a daddy/daughter singing duo. Never.
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“If I Didn’t Know Better” (Clare Bowen as Scarlett and Sam Palladio as Gunnar)

Sexy isn’t a word I would normally use to describe a country record... But this song might give me reason to reconsider.
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"I'm On It" (Chris Carmack as Will)

Sometimes we need a little motivation to get over that ex in our lives.
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"Borrow My Heart" (Clare Bowen as Scarlett, Johnathan Jackson as Avery, and Sam Palladio as Gunnar)

The Triple Exes may have been short-lived, but they made at least one hit while it lasted.
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"This Time" (Connie Britton and Rayna & Chip Esten as Deacon
You can't deny how catchy this song is. Even if it does remind me of failed relationships.
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