Negative Space Lips Are The Newest Mind-Blowing Beauty Trend

Leave it to Instagram to have your New Years party look sorted. Our minds have been totally blown after LA-based makeup artist Vlada Haggerty debuted her latest lip art. Rather than filling in the lips, Haggerty uses negative space to create symbols and patterns that are futuristic and festive. You have to see it to believe it.

In a shoot for Vogue China, Haggerty used purple lipstick to create this groovy cut-out circle look that goes way beyond the lips.
She used the same idea in this metallic gold look, using negative space stars and stickers to create a whole galaxy on one face.
While no official tutorials have been made about this technique, using stenciling and precise hand movements will probably get you most of the way there. To really mimic the look above, pick up the PAT McGRATH LABS METALMORPHOSIS 005 Kit.

Haggerty says she was inspired by the pixelated lips of makeup artist Andrea Reed, who also plays around with color, shapes, and illusions in her work.

As of now, Haggerty is one of the only people to use the #negativespacelipart hashtag on Instagram, but after everyone gets wind of this awesome look, we predict it will be a staple of 2017. If we're going to live in the future, we might as well look the part.



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