Kylie Jenner Helped Plan A Gorgeous Surprise Proposal

Photo: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images.
Over the weekend, Kylie Jenner took us on a little Snapchat adventure. This time around, it wasn't a photo shoot or Lip Kit unveiling. Instead, Jenner showed us her personal assistant's surprise proposal. The added bonus? Jenner helped plan the surprise.
Victoria Villarroel Gamero is the personal assistant to both Kendall and Kylie Jenner. But she's more than just their assistant — she's also a friend.
In Jenner's Snapchat story, she appears to trick Gamero into thinking they're going on a road trip. But in reality, they went to Malibu, CA, where former professional soccer player Marco Lobo was waiting to propose to his girlfriend.
We don't know the full extent of Kylie Jenner's proposal planning (Was she just in charge of bringing her to the venue or was there more), but we do know that Gamero and Lobo seemed externally grateful for the assist.
The end result: A proposal so beautiful and epic that it deserves more than just the short life it will receive on Jenner's Snapchat. Ahead, photos of Gamero's surprise proposal.
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Photo: Courtesy of kylizzlemynizzl.
Yes, that is Victoria Villarroel Gamero. Yes, this is how Kylie Jenner starts a Snapchat story on your engagement day. There's no better way to keep it a secret than to act totally normal. Snapchat's crazy filters scream normal.
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Photo: Courtesy of kylizzlemynizzl.
Before you know it, the pair are on a "road trip." Of course, none of us know that this road trip is to a secret Malibu engagement celebration.
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Photo: Courtesy of kylizzlemynizzl.
You can hear Jenner yell, "Vic's engaged! I tricked her!" as she films the proposal.
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Photo: Courtesy of kylizzlemynizzl.
In this shot, you can see Gamero and her new fiancé, Marco Lobo. Also, that's the most beautiful sunset, ever.
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Photo: Courtesy of kylizzlemynizzl.
They even got their own special Snapchat filter that reads "Felicitaciones" (Congratulations). At one point, Jenner asks, "'Did I trick you?" Gamero says, "Yeah."
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Photo: Courtesy of kylizzlemynizzl.
Pretty nice bling you've got there, Gamero.
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Photo: Via @victoriavillarroel.
Gamero posted a selfie on her Instagram account. While the photo looks very calm, the caption reads, "U GUYS IM ENGAGED [sic]."
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Photo: Via @marcolobo92.
Lobo posted these shots of the couple on his Instagram with the caption, "Every day is a new adventure with you @victoriavillarroel I love you."
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Photo: Via @kyliejenner.
Jenner posted this shot of her embracing Gamero. She captioned it "Congratulations Angel." Gamero posted the same shot to Instagram, writing, "@kyliejenner words can't even describe how thankful I am to have you in my LIFE! I am OBSESSED WITH YOU."
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