The Internet Thinks Kylie Jenner Just Declared War On Christmas

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock.
Is Kylie Jenner declaring war on Christmas? With one seemingly innocent, emoji-filled tweet, the Lip Kit creator has inadvertently kicked off a holiday controversy the likes of which we haven't seen since...oh, right β€” last month. (Looking at you, Starbucks.)

"I can't wait to get my tree up for xmas," Jenner tweeted last night. Innocuous, right? Wrong.

According to much of the Twitterverse, her use of the common-but-controversial Christmas abbreviation "Xmas" was a big no-no that ignores the religious roots of the holiday. Many Twitter users were subtle, offering up quick corrections.

But others were a bit more pointed in their distress.

Others came to her defense.

Maybe this would be a good compromise?


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