Women Are Coming Together On Social Media For The Most Inspiring Reason

Anyone who’s ever gotten a pixie cut will tell you how powerful the move can be. But shaving your head completely? That’s a move for total badasses (just ask Amber Rose). And thanks to the latest beauty challenge to sweep Twitter, the #baldandbadchallenge, we're getting a look at these women.

Unlike some of the more stupefying challenges to come out of 2016 (ahem, 100 layers), this beauty dare is celebrating feelings of liberation, power, and pride.
The movement is also inspiring others to make the leap:
And it’s striking a chord with cancer survivors who have embraced the look — and successfully battled the disease:
What’s more, those rising to the challenge are showing that there’s beauty in any hair length — something that even the famously wave-happy Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has embraced this year. We say, it’s about damn time. Here's hoping 2017 brings a whole lot more challenges of this variety...


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