Something Major Happened At The Victoria’s Secret Show

Photo: Getty Images.
When Victoria's Secret announced yesterday that it would be sending some models down the runway with their natural hair texture and length, instead of typical long "VS waves," we honestly wondered if it was too good to be true. A lot can happen between the hair test and the actual show: designers change their minds under the final dress-rehearsal lights, last-minute lipstick swaps are made, and the hair look can change completely.
But, true to its word, a handful of models did, indeed, walk the runway with buzz cuts, close crops, and curly shags. While it was admittedly a small number (about 8% of the total lineup), it was definitely noteworthy.
"We want to embrace everyone's natural beauty," says Victoria's Secret hairstylist and Beachwaver creator Sarah Potempa. "Some women with shorter hair, maybe a lob, will walk with that hair...and if someone has short hair on the side or a tight haircut, we're not gonna put [on] a wig or extensions. We’re gonna embrace it. There are 51 women and we’re gonna make them feel their most beautiful."
The move was small, but spoke volumes for a show that's come to represent what sexiness looks like. It hasn't (and never will) fit into one box — and the six women ahead prove just that. There's still a long way to go, but it's a move in the right direction and we are here for it.

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