15 Gifts For The Disillusioned Hillary Clinton Supporter In Your Life

Many former Hillary Clinton supporters are looking at the coming Trump Years like Narnia under the White Witch — four to eight years of always winter, and never Christmas.

But, nevertheless, the holidays are upon us. And whether you're the one still trying to get over the emotional hump of the results, or you're trying to support a loved one through election fatigue, now is the time of year to pour a glass of eggnog, take a deep breath, and focus on the positive.

Of course, that hardly means you have to forget everything that just happened. We've gathered a selection of gift ideas — from politically meaningful to just plain silly, and nary an "I'm With Her" shirt among them — to bring some holiday cheer to the HRC fan in your life. Whether it'll bring a smile to your loved one's face to know they're supporting reproductive choice, or they'd prefer to pretend to knock Donald Trump's block off in an action figure battle royal — we've got a wide selection of choices.

Ahead, check out 15 inspirational, interesting, or entertaining gifts for the Hillary Clinton supporter on your gift list. And remember, this list isn't comprehensive. There are plenty of other cool stocking-stuffers and amazing organizations out there that we couldn't include.
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For The Hillary Fan Who's Also A Foodie: Hot Sauce Of The Month

Dream big, eat like a champ. The memory of Hillary Clinton’s defeat might be bringing tears to your eyes — or maybe it’s the helping of hot sauce that you’ve put on your food as a tribute to her.

Clinton is a known hot pepper aficionado who literally keeps hot sauce in her bag. (She believes hot sauce keeps her immune system healthy.) If the HRC fan in your life wants to stick to the classics, consider a bottle of Clinton’s reported favorite, Ninja Squirrel Sriracha. Or if you want to get really serious, you can gift a subscription to a hot-sauce of the month club like Fuego Box.
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For The Hillary Supporter Still Committed To Cracking That "Highest, Hardest Glass Ceiling": Donation To Emily’s List

Hillary Clinton may not have broken that last glass ceiling, but Emily’s List could help the next woman bust through it.

The advocacy group is devoted to getting pro-choice Democratic women — like Clinton herself — elected to public office. By training female community leaders and preparing them to run for office, the organization works to move our public officials further into the realm of gender equality. The first female president could be waiting in the wings right now!

You can donate to help her out here.
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For The Democrat Who Plans To Drink Her Way Through The Next Four Years: Hillary Clinton Shot Glass

Give yourself some liquid confidence and consider running for office — or drown those sorrows with a shot (or many) of bourbon. Or maybe grab a friend and reenact Clinton’s head-to-head vodka bender with John McCain?

Find it here.
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For Your Favorite Second-Wave Feminist: Donation To Reproductive Rights Advocates

Hillary Clinton wanted to stand for reproductive choice as president, but now, it’s up to her supporters to do it for her. Clinton said in a video posted to Twitter in August of 2015 that she would “never stop fighting to protect the ability and right of every woman in this country to make her own health decisions.”

With abortion rights and even contraception access possibly under threat during the Trump administration, an extra contribution to an organization dedicated to pushing for reproductive choice, like Planned Parenthood or NARAL Pro-Choice America, is all the more meaningful. Leave it up to the giftee to decide if they want it in Mike Pence's name or their own.
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For The Stylish Clinton Supporter Feeling Crushed We Won't Have Four Years Of Pantsuits In The Oval Office: A Pantsuit Of Her Own

Oh come on, you knew this one was coming.

Get your favorite Hillary Clinton supporter the power uniform du jour, and make sure to say to them, "Damn, you look good. You ought to be in pictures — like, say, presidential portraits."

Refinery29 has picked out a stylish selection for you. Check out some options here.
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For The Hopeful Hillary Fan In Your Life: An Inspirational Wall Hanging

Just because she didn’t win, doesn’t mean she didn’t change the world. Get this wall hanging, with words from her post-election speech, to remind yourself of everything that little girls — and grown men and women — achieved by watching her strive.

Find it here.
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For The Mama Bear Hillary Backer: Donation To The Children’s Defense Fund

The organization where Hillary Clinton started her career is still going strong — the CDF’s Beat The Odds Awards Gala was where she made her first post-concession appearance. “There is a lot of work to do," she said at the event, which highlighted and honored students who had overcome adversity to excel academically. "As long as any child in America lives in poverty, as long as any child in America lives in fear, as long as any child, not just here but in the world, faces these challenges, there is work to do."

You can donate here.
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For The Members Of Your #NastyWoman Book Club: Broad Influence

With 104 women in Congress and more than 1,800 in legislatures at the state level, it’s important to remember that the Oval Office isn’t exclusively where it’s at. Jay Newton-Small breaks down the ways that women are changing — not just policies — but the fundamental way that politics works, as the number of women in public office increases.

Find it here.
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For The Class President With Eyes On The White House: The Little Book Of Politics For Girls

Someday, someone will break that final glass ceiling and earn the title “Madam President” — and she just might be a little girl right now. Get the prepubescent set inspired to think of themselves running the world with a book all about how they can get involved. Inspirational Beyoncé soundtrack not included.

Find it here.
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For The Fun-Loving Hillary Fan: The HRC Action Figure

No karate-chop action, but she does come with a kung-fu grip on policy.

Find it here.
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For Your Favorite Pro-Hillary Activist: Go Grassroots

While organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Children’s Defense Fund can always use the extra cash, if you donate to a small-scale grassroots organization, your money can go even further.

There’s any number of small-scale organizations doing important on-the-ground work on issues ranging from LGBTQ rights to immigration to indigenous rights. So whether the Hillary fan in your life believes in the Fight for $15 or advocating for people with disabilities — or both — you can put some money towards the cause that matters to them. Check out some organizations working for some great causes, and remember that there are plenty more out there that didn't make a list.
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For The Stressed-Out Hillary Fan: Famous American Women Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are being touted as great stress relievers. While this coloring book isn’t specifically meant for adults, no one's judging here… Consider grabbing a few colored pencils and indulging in some soothing repetitive activity honoring a bunch of rad women who helped shape American history. The book features 45 notable women, including Betty Friedan, Zora Neale Hurston, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Susan B. Anthony.

Find it here.
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For The Stressed-Out & Angry Hillary Fan: Infamous Women Paper Dolls Coloring Book

Or, alternately, indulge in some soothing coloring with a reminder that women don’t have to play nice to get ahead. This book includes notable women such as Catherine de Medici, Empress Wu, and Agrippina, who may not all be political (or strictly honorable), but they all made history.

Find it here.
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For The News Junkie Who Couldn't Get Enough Political Coverage: A Subscription

With Donald Trump’s threats against the free press, what better gift for a news junkie than to ensure that reliable information will make it through the next four years unscathed? A basic (internet-only) subscription to The New York Times or The Washington Post will run you just under a hundred bucks with holiday rates.
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For Your Favorite Non-Democrat Who Voted For Hillary: "Deal Her In" Playing Cards

If your fav Hillary Clinton fan responded to the election results by vowing to make more of an effort to listen to what the other side is saying, set them up for a bipartisan party with these cards from Emily's List. Invite some across-the-aisle friends 'round for an evening of cards and political chat. Just remember to keep the stakes low — on all counts.

Find it here.
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