This Celeb Hairstylist Gave Up Hot Tools For A Week — & This Is What Happened

Photo: Courtesy of Kylee Heath.
Celebrity hairstylist Kylee Heath just gets it. Cool girls like Kristin Stewart and Rashida Jones trust her to give them elaborate braids no one else will have. Whitney Port called on Heath when she wanted a fun, unconventional wedding updo unlike anyone else's. And, chances are, if you recently saw a style on the red carpet that you loved, it was a Heath creation.

What you may not know is that she's also a selfie pro, showing off her DIY styles on her Instagram page. Turns out, each is a test run for the plaits and knots that eventually end up on her Hollywood clients.

Naturally, many of these styles are executed with the help of a hot tool or two. But could she create looks just as enviable without a blowdryer, curling iron, or flat iron? No harm in asking, right? Luckily, she was up for one of our favorite hair-pro challenges — and she agreed to spend a workweek without hot tools of any kind, all while styling a different look for each day.

Ahead, Heath documents five days of no hot tools, sharing the wash-and-sleep styles, faux braids, and quick twists that are easy to copy, no matter your hair length, texture, or styling skills.

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Photo: Courtesy of Kylee Heath.
Monday's A Beach
The best way to make your Monday mornings more bearable? Prep your hair on Sunday night.

Heath's rope twist-out (a technique mastered and long loved by the natural hair community) delivers a beachy, crimped effect on her wavy hair. But the finish will be more or less wavy or curly, depending on your natural texture and the size of your twists.

There are many techniques, but this tutorial will help for all the visual learners out there. Or simply heed Heath's advice. "To make a rope braid, you break the section into two and twist both pieces the same direction, then wrap them around each other going the opposite direction you just twisted," she explains. "Secure with an elastic, leaving an inch or so of hair loose at the ends."
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To start, prep damp, combed-out locks with a texturizing beach spray (for fine-to-medium and straight locks) or a smoothing cream or balm (for medium-to-thick, curly, and textured hair). Use a healthy amount, Heath says, but avoid the first inch or so of your roots.

In the morning, release the elastics, break up the waves or curls with your fingers, and add a bit more beach spray or cream.

R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray, $25, available at SpaceNK.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kylee Heath.
Triple Tuesday
Working with the texture you created on Monday, start with dry, slept-on locks. Pull the hair at the crown upwards, giving your roots a little tease for volume. (This step is optional, but beneficial for fine hair.) Instead of securing the hair into a high pony, twist that section into a bun and pin it in place.

Then, take a chunk of hair below that bun and repeat the process. Then repeat it again. "Just be sure they're placed right next to each other, almost leaning into each other," says Heath. You're not trying for space between the buns; rather, they should create one large line that appears to be an elaborate updo that is all connected.

Done? "Make sure they're each secured with pins and then pull them apart to give it some more texture and make it all a little bigger," Heath says.
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If you wake up with flat or greasy roots, blast them with dry shampoo and give your scalp a quick massage, which will soak up existing oil and stop more before it starts. Bonus: it gives a gritty texture that will help the buns stay in place.

Heath prefers Elizabeth and James' formula, which also lightly fragrances the hair.

Elizabeth And James
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Photo: Courtesy of Kylee Heath.
On Wednesdays, We Wear Waves
To score smooth, voluminous waves, or loose, defined curls — depending on your natural texture — wash your hair on Tuesday night and then follow Heath's advice for an easy Wednesday morning.

Rather than just weaving a regular, single French braid, create a deep side-part and twist three, starting just above the ears. This keeps the texture even through the hair, and helps the strands on the top of your head stay smooth and flat as they dry, Heath says. It also makes for killer side-swept waves.
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In the morning, release the elastics, shake out your hair, and work a little product through it. Need volume? Opt for a dry shampoo at the roots. Need to smooth some frizz and flyaways? Try styling cream instead.

Then, to define the ends, coat your hands with a little serum and rake your fingers through the bottom half of your hair, Heath says. She recommends Leonor Greyl's serum for all hair types.

Leonor Greyl Sérum de Soie Sublimateur, $46, available at Leonor Greyl USA.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kylee Heath.
Thursday's Slept-On Chignon
Fun fact: Creating a chic-and-sophisticated twisted chignon is far easier if it's had a wild night. "Day-two hair is the [best] for me to style on myself because my hair has a little texture and grit, but isn't dirty," Heath explains. Sleep on your waves from Wednesday and create this look in the morning.

The most important step? Sectioning. After parting the hair, clip aside all the strands from your hairline to your ears. Pull the rest of it (ears back) into a low pony and secure with an elastic.
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You should now have a low pony and the rest of your hair clipped in front. (All set? We'll wait to make sure you're ready...)

Okay, let's continue. Pull the rest of the hair back to join the first pony, securing with a second, clear elastic. "I find doing it in sections leads to a more perfect pony," Heath says. "Then, lightly wrap the tail around the base and pin into place, leaving the ends out for a more modern look."

Insert plain bobby pins as you twist to keep the chignon in place, then finish with a few ornate ones near your ends: "I placed three gold bobby pins at the top to add an easy detail," she says.

Note: Curly and wavy hair can be worn tight against the scalp like this if you prefer — or use a lighter touch to allow the texture to feel loose and romantic.

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Photo: Courtesy of Kylee Heath.
The Work-To-Drinks Bubble Braid
Heath describes this final look as a "loop braid to bubble pony" — the perfect easy, Friday-morning style that looks just as cool at work as it does at TGIF happy hour.

The best part is that it's not actually a braid; it's simply a series of strategically placed, clear elastics that look insanely cool — without much effort at all. This works on all hair textures, but for shorter lengths simply follow this tutorial until you hit your ends — it's great for keeping short layers back, too.

To start, brush or comb your day-three locks to distribute any oil and to detangle. Tip: A boar-bristle brush will help create a smooth and less greasy finish by working oil through to the ends. If needed, apply a little dry shampoo, massage your roots, and brush again.
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Detangled? Great! "Now apply a styling serum, like Iles Formula Serum, all throughout the hair to just smooth it a bit," Heath says. "Then, lightly tease your hair at the roots and make a triangle section starting at the arch of each eyebrow and going back to a point at the crown." Note: A sharp part is important here, as it will show on many hair densities and give the look structure and polish. The rest of your parts can be less precise.

Iles Formula
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Create one small ponytail at the crown with this section, securing with a clear elastic. Then, tie another ponytail a couple inches below that.

Here's where the magic happens: Split the first pony into two, go around the second pony, and then tie a third ponytail beneath them both, picking up some loose hair as you go. Repeat with the second pony: Split the hair into two, go around the third pony, and gather the rest of the hair into a final, fourth ponytail. (You can do more if your hair is long and thick.)

Then, loosen it all by gently pulling apart from the top sections and working your way down. And there you have it — no heat for five days.

Which was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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