All The Cool Kids Are Doing Something Stupid With The iPhone 7

Photo: Courtesy of Apple.
One of the biggest selling points of the iPhone 7 is that it's finally water-resistant. You no longer have to panic when you spill your drink on it, drop it in a puddle, or get it wet on a run in the rain.

But, as noted by Gizmodo, some new iPhone 7 users are taking the phone's water resistance to a whole new level and turning it into a bizarre sort of power play. Or, should we say, shower play?
Yes, texting and showering is officially the cool thing to do. Waterproof speakers have been around for a while now, so playing Spotify while you lather up isn't anything new. But users have found that being able to send emails, tweet, and edit photos on Instagram is a nice perk. Farewell, mirror selfie. Hello, shower selfie.
Still, as is always the case, we're not advising that you give into peer pressure. Your iPhone is water-resistant, yes, but not waterproof in the same way that the Apple Watch Series 2 is. Accidentally get your phone wet and there's no need to worry. But spend long showers on Facebook and there could be repercussions in the long run — both for your phone, and the environment (looking at you, California).

And is it really necessary to take your phone in the shower, anyways? The warm water is one last text-free haven — let's keep it that way. Plus, it's always the perfect excuse for not answering a call or email right away. Sorry, I was in the shower. Not on my phone.


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