These Pro Styling Tips Will Completely Change Your Hair Routine

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If you’ve ever lusted after Dakota Johnson’s bangs, admired Kerry Washington's sleek strands, or aspired to recreate that Olsen-twin bedhead, then you're a Mark Townsend fan, whether you know it or not. His client roster includes all of the aforementioned women, in addition to some of TV's most badass actresses Natalie Dormer, Lena Headey, and more.

We went to him for his dirty hair secrets, but ended up getting so much more. He practically gave us the hairstyling bible, and we couldn't be more grateful. Get your Notes app ready (and your dry shampoo and bobby pins), because these tips have the potential to change the way you touch your hair every morning.

Ahead, Dove's international celebrity hairstylist gives us the inside scoop on some of his most stellar looks. Click through for major inspiration.
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Photo: Via @marktownsend1/Instagram.
The Tip: Opt for a square curling iron

If you have naturally curly hair, you can enhance the shape of your spirals with a square curling iron. “When you think about a curl, it’s actually not a corkscrew — it's more of a zig-zag," says Townsend, which is why the odd square shape works even better. Wrap your hair around the iron as you normally would and unravel to reveal a springy curl.
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Photo: Via @marktownsend1/Instagram.
The Tip: Flaunt your bobby pins

“Why bother hiding the pins? It’s not like your hair is magically being held up, so why not show them?" says Townsend, who gets creative with shapes and colors. And you'd better bet if Cersei Lannister (a.k.a. Lena Headey) is rocking it, we're gonna try it.
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The Tip: Don't mess with your curls

"Don’t touch curly hair if you don’t need to — only add shine where needed," suggests Townsend. If your curls seem dry by day three, or if you just want to add some life back into them, run serum through the ends.
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Photo: Via @marktownsend1/Instagram.
The Tip: Spritz your accessories with product for extra hold

If you get easily frustrated by buns, twists, and braids, then you need this hack: “When I’m in a pinch, I’ll spray my bobby pins with dry shampoo because the powder and the starch gives it so much more hold. It’s a good kind of grip and friction," explains Townsend.
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Photo: Via @marktownsend1/Instagram.
The Tip: Skip shampoo

We know shampoo, when overused, can strip your scalp of its natural oils. Next time you go to reach for it, reconsider. Townsend says you can totally skip shampoos, but never conditioning. You need that hydration, especially in between cuts or dyes.
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Photo: Via @marktownsend1/Instagram.
The Tip: Count your pins

You know that trick about crossing your bobby pins? It totally works. If you want strong hold, count how many you're sticking in your hair. “Never use an odd number of bobby pins," says Townsend. That way, you never have to worry about touch-ups.
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Photo: Via @marktownsend1/Instagram.
The Tip: A toothbrush fixes flyaways

Use a toothbrush as your finishing touch. Baby hairs everywhere? Fly-aways out of control? Spritz hairspray (or dry shampoo) on a natural bristle toothbrush and brush those hairs down. “This is so I can control the hairspray. I would never want to spray it all here, says Townsend, pointing to the forehead.

Bonus: If your bangs are always greasy, steal this tip to keep them matte and clean-looking all day.
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Photo: Via @marktownsend1/Instagram.
The Tip: Dry shampoo is everything

We love texturizing sprays, volume powders, and hairsprays, but sometimes you just need one do-it-all product. “Dry shampoo is a volumizer and it’s got a tiny bit of hold. I find that I use it more than hairspray now because the starch and powder give you enough hold and a little bit of movement — hairspray is going to lock it down," explains Townsend.
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