Catwoman Costume Ideas That Don't All Involve Heels

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Question: Are you a fan of women who kick ass? Follow-up: Are you a fan of women who kick ass and do it in heels? No, we're not talking about Hillary Clinton (at least this time) — we're talking about none other than the pipe-wielding, cat-scratching Catwoman. And because it's Halloween and Saint Laurent catsuits never go out of style (if you've got $3,490 lying around, try this sequin version), go ahead and add her to your list of costume options.

Bodysuits can be intimidating, especially latex or ultra-body-con ones (if that's the kind of look you're going for), so that's why we've got a plethora of options to channel your inner superhero come October 31. But no matter how it comes together, make like Ariana Grande and take this Halloween as an actual excuse to wear some cat ears. Because — meow — who doesn't love cat ears?
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Catwoman's favorite weapon-turned-accessory, a whip.
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Put your artistic skills to use and paint on your mask.
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Purple, the color of victory...
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This Catwoman did not miss the latex memo.
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Remember: The cat mask is crucial.
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One cat short of a musical.
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Batman and Catwoman, a favorite (though, problematic) couples costume.
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Coolest. Selfie. Ever.
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Friendly, approachable Catwoman to the rescue!
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To get Catwoman's tech-savvy look, copy her infrared goggles.
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A superhero in heels is in a league of her own.
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Somebody call Zana Bayne, we've got an idea on our hands.
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Any dancers out there? Jump into a leotard, slap on some cat ears, and you're ready to pounce.
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"A woman who knows her own mind is a powerful force."
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Now that's a Catwoman we don't want to mess with.
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Might those be retractable claws? Watch out.
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Hey, Catwoman — what's in the handbag?
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Photo via @lina_bond.
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Repurpose that Reformation bodysuit for a last-minute DIY fix.
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Even Catwoman knows velvet is hot right now.
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When your gloves make the look.
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Since October is kind of cold, top it off with a leather jacket.
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Catwoman, the biker gang queen.
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And hey, if you can't find your whip, accessorize with a ball of yarn.
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This DIY belt choker is giving us kitty-collar vibes.
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We like to think this is how Catwoman does athleisure.
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Add a string of pearls to trick them into thinking you're just here to party.
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Yet another Catwoman-friendly trend, the corset.
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Photo via @doutzen.
Do like Doutzen and add a pop of pink to your lips for contrast.

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