You Have To Read These Viral Emails From A Future Roommate

College is a stressful time. You're leaving the house for the first time, you're making all-new friends, and everyone can forget the time you got too worked up during an AP test and fainted. So, naturally, you want to make sure that everyone you're about to interact with is cool. And chill. Just like you, a chill person that would just like to fit in, and please not have anybody make fun of you on day one.

The freshman-year pre-move-in email is nerve-wracking. You have to pretend you're an adult that has all their stuff together without obviously asking your parents for help (God, mom! So embarrassing!) while being completely terrified that you're going to come off as unprepared or (worse) unchill.

Incoming UCLA freshman Winnie Chen and roommate Guistinna Tun were on the receiving end of one of the least chill emails in the history of emails. Chen captured it via Twitter.
Tun responded. Pretty chill response, all things considered.
And third email ended the greatest trilogy since the Star Wars prequels.
So, if you can make it through without wanting to light yourself on fire, that's the situation. As you can tell, the emailer is insanely chill. Just chill to the max. And she respects Winnie and Guistinna, you can tell. But she's an over-analyzer. That's the big issue.

We've all had this situation, and it's really scary, and it's fucking hard. But don't email people like this.

The worst roommate situation, on record, was my graduate school roommate. He was a poet, and he didn't talk. Until one day he started talking a lot, on the phone, to someone whom he said was in "a world of pain." Then he started narrating my movement around the apartment. But the creepiest part was when he threatened to murder me and had to be taken away by police. So just, like, be better than that guy. That's a pretty low bar.

Oh, and read this guide for things to do and not do at college. Seriously, do it.

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