These Were The Best Kardashian Moments On Dancing With The Stars

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Last night, Amber Rose made her debut on Dancing With The Stars. Blac Chyna was in the house to support her bestie, of course. Seeing Amber and Chyna — Kanye's ex and Rob Kardashian's girlfriend, respectively — got us thinking about the Kardashian family and their history on the show. Back in 2011, Rob joined the competitive dancing show for its thirteenth season. With a little help from his partner Cheryl Burke, Rob blew everybody's minds with just how good of a dancer he was. Seriously, the guy killed it on the floor.
Less easily remembered is Kim Kardashian's stint on DWTS. Back in 2008, before Kim Kardashian was, well, Kim Kardashian, she joined the show in as a B-list celeb in season seven. Despite partner Mark Ballas' best efforts, Kim was a lackluster competitor. Ironically, her main critiques stemmed from a lack of confidence and some trouble properly shaking her now-famous booty. Read on for an amusing trip down DWTS memory lane. Here are the Kardashians's best moments.
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Kim Can't Shake Her Booty, Is Not Sexy

Back in 2011, Kim had trouble manipulating her booty while practicing the mambo. "Everyone's going to expect this sexy, like, thing, and I'm really not." Another gem: "I think I need booty 101." We'd say she's earned her PhDerriere by now.
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Rob Sexes Up The Cha-Cha

Cheryl Burke may have been the pro, but all eyes were on Rob's booty-shaking (0:08) and hip-gyrating (0:21) that opened their fun routine set to "Walk Like A Man."
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Rob Scores A Perfect 10

Rob and Cheryl's incredible, energetic freestyle performance during the finals blew all three judges away. You can see the whole fam cheering from the sidelines. And Rob's backstage reaction upon hearing the scores is adorable.
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Bruno Tells Kim To Make Her "Treasure" More "Available"

Judge Bruno tells Kim her "dusky beauty" reminds him of Princess Jasmine... before telling her, "[You're] a treasure trove that everybody would want to explore, but you have to make it more available." It's hard to imagine a time when every bit of Kim's, erm, "treasure trove" wasn't readily available 24/7.
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Rob Is "Super K"

Rob's dance to the Superman theme was beautifully capped off by the moment at 1:47, where he rips open his button down to reveal a sequined "K" on his chest. He knows how to make his mom Kris proud!
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Kim Wastes Her Ass(ets)

After Kim's awkward rendition of "Baby Got Back," Bruno ripped into her for being wasting her "assets"... though everyone was pretty sure they heard "asses." She also insists she's the shyest sister of all during her backstage interview. Oh, how times have changed.
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Rob Opens Up About His Body Insecurities

Rob got criticism from the judges to for his prominent behind. In between rehearsals, he got real about not feeling happy with his own body, especially when compared to all the ther dancers. This was a tender moment for Rob, who was in the middle of a highly publicized struggle with his weight.

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