Even Kylie Jenner Gets Thrown Off Her Game By Food Poisoning

Kylie Jenner may be a teenage millionaire, reality star, and business mogul, but that doesn't mean she's immune to a little food poisoning.

"I went to the doctor again because I had food poisoning over the weekend, and it has not been fun," she told her Snapchat followers on Tuesday, according to Us Weekly.

She even admitted to feeling off her game due to the illness. "So that's why I've been a little MIA or if my Snapchats aren't as fun and exciting as they usually are," she said. "Ugh, I don't look sexy right now at all."

Some of Kylie's best Snapchat moments are when she admits to her insecurities. In May, she said, "The reason that I don't talk on Snapchat that much or show my personality a lot is because when I do, I get vulnerable and people make fun of me."

We appreciated her vulnerability about this, though. If anything, it reminds us that not everything about being Kylie Jenner is glamorous. Maybe most things, but not everything.

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