Attention, Game Of Thrones Fans — We Just Made Your Halloween

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Winter is coming — and so is Halloween. Just like every year since the hit HBO series premiered, we're betting the majority of costumes this October will be Game Of Thrones-related. But if you're looking for something slightly less predictable than dressing up as Khaleesi, we've got you covered.

Each week leading up to October 31, we are going to be sharing some creative Thrones-themed costumes. And the best part? Not a single one will require a ton of money. (Or cosplay-level dedication, either.) Good luck, reader. Here's hoping you'll be the best-dressed in all of Westeros.
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George R.R. Martin
Who says a Game of Thrones Halloween costume has to be a character? To be the author of the Thrones books and producer of the show, all you need is a black hat, glasses, suspenders and a gray beard. Or just wear all black with the hat. Just be ready to spew lots of one-liners like "a Lannister always pays his debts," and "Winter is coming."
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The Sparrows
Easily achieved either solo or as a group, all this costume requires is a floor-length, long-sleeve black dress (a black top and long skirt would also work), plus faux chains, which can be found for pretty cheap at costume outlets like Party City. It's up to you whether you'd like to carry around a blunt weapon of your choice, as modeled by these Thrones fans at this year's New York Comic Con. But to really nail this look, you'll need to paint that seven-pointed star on your forehead. Don't worry: Red lipstick should achieve that freshly carved wound look pretty well. (You're welcome.)
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Lady Olenna Tyrell
A blue scarf and a blue or brown jacket are all you need to pull off the look of Lady Tyrell. You might also want to throw in a statement ring for good measure, plus your more intense smize and some witty quips. And remember, folks: As demonstrated by this creative cosplayer, Thrones characters and costumes can be completely gender neutral.
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If you're not super creative and would prefer to have your Halloween costume signed, sealed, and delivered to your door, Anytime Costumes has this easy-breezy Red Woman getup ready to go for just $30. An even easier idea? If you happen to have a red dress in your closet already, all you have to do is execute Melisandre-like hair and throw on a choker necklace. Just don't forget to chant prayers to the Lord Of Light for the entire night.
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Hodor & Bran Stark
So (spoiler alert!), obviously we know Bran will be flying (or, being carried, rather) solo in the upcoming season after Hodor's heartbreaking death last season (RIP). But who says you can't bring the lovable lug back for Halloween? Throw on an old gray dress or some tattered fabric for Hodor — and if you want to go all out, grab a wagon and a friend for the Bran accessory. The icing on the cake for this duo getup, of course, is the miniature direwolf. How cute is that?! Bits of hay or woodland foliage optional.
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Jon Snow & Ygritte
Ok, so [SPOILER ALERT], yes we know that Ygritte is no longer with us (#RIP). But that doesn't change the fact that Ygritte and Jon Snow would make an awesome couple's costume (and don't forget, a couple's costume can also be with your BFF or just a fellow Thrones lover, no significant other needed). Throw on a faux fur hooded sweatshirt or jacket and get your partner a black cape and brooding face, and you're Halloween ready.
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Mother of Dragons
If you're not big on Halloween costumes but still want to show your Thrones pride, this simple top is an understated way to do it — while still getting you Daenerys Targaryen-level points for creativity. It'll also save you a pretty penny on costume supplies: The tee is only $12 over at Etsy.
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The Mountain
Most costume shops have a suit and armor ready to purchase, but you may have to get creative with a sports helmet or cardboard for The Mountain's head (aluminum foil and cardboard will do for the sword, if you don't want to buy one). And if you're hoping for extra Thrones cool points, pick a friend who will dress as Cersei to join her oversized guard. Bonus: Since The Mountain doesn't speak, you won't be forced to make small talk at all those Halloween parties. Just say it's part of your costume!
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Lyanna Mormont
The pint-sized, outspoken leader of the Bear Islands was the scene-stealer of Game of Thrones' season 6. To pull off her look, you pretty much just need an all-black outfit (preferably leather), a black cape or jacket with a faux-fur hood, and a leather belt to tie around the middle. Bring along a bear or wolf to pledge your allegiance to the islands or House Stark, and you're good to go.
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Baby Jon Snow
Sure, anyone can pull off a grown-up, sword-wielding Jon Snow. But even more creative — and easy? A simple newborn Snow, as presented to his uncle-soon-to-be-foster-father Ned, swaddled snuggly in a burlap sack. All you need is to wrap yourself up in a similar material — don't forget around your head! — and you're Halloween-party ready.
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Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen
This season we learned that, though Targaryen allegedly kidnapped Ned Stark's sister, she may have also had a passionate love affair with him — resulting in the birth of Jon Snow. If you're looking for a couple's costume, this unexpected choice will be sure to get rave reviews. And since we haven't seen much of either character on-screen, you can feel free to interpret their style as you wish.
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Septa Unella
Ok, Cersei Lannister is pretty evil and has done some terrible things, but we couldn't help but feel bad for her when she was imprisoned and tortured in a chamber by this clergy member. So when Cersei got her revenge on Unella this season, we all quietly cheered. The evil villain would make the perfect costume idea, especially if you take the extra step to dress up as her post-death.
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The Hound
Who says The Hound has to be a dude? We loved that this Comic-Con attendee took on The Hound with a leather corset, brown pants, and "armor" (which you could find at a costume store or, if you're willing to get creative, stitch together using spray-painted pieces of faux leather). Chain mail is optional (though it adds a nice touch), but the one mandatory element, of course, is face makeup to achieve The Hound's burn mark.
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Bran Stark
The newly minted Three-Eyed Raven doesn't get enough credit for his lewk. All you need to imitate the youngest living Stark is to wrap yourself in a blanket, throw, or piece of fabric in a neutral color lined with faux fur. And a fierce brow. And perhaps a friend willing to carry you around all night.

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