8 Reasons You Should Be Watching Power On Starz

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I already know what you're going to say: "I don't need another show!" And listen, I get it. We're lucky enough to be living in a time when there is so much good television out there that we can barely keep up. In fact, I had the same reaction when my sister pretty much begged me to watch Power — especially after I googled it and saw TV critics gave it some mediocre reviews. But hear me out.

I'll be straight up with you: This is not life-changing, deep, meaningful television. But Power is gritty, glamorous, and addictive like a glitzier, 50 Cent-ified version of The Wire. (And much better than the super soap-y Empire, in my opinion.) I know that, in a post-Breaking Bad world, it's hard to have high expectations for a show, but once I began the first season of this series, I couldn't stop. I fell headfirst into the life of James St. Patrick, a.k.a. Ghost, a New York drug kingpin trying to balance his wife, kids, and not-so-pure beginnings with a promising new career as a nightclub owner (and yes, a mistress).

Need more convincing? Check out the slideshow for eight more reasons to watch, and then — if you haven't already — get to bingeing on seasons 1 and 2 before the third season begins July 17 (9 p.m E.T. on Starz). If you regret it, feel free to flood me with hate mail — but I have a feeling you won't.
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1. The plot twists. Oh, the plot twists
I am a Game of Thrones addict, so it's pretty hard for TV shows to surprise me any more. But when there's sex, nightclubs, and international drug cartels involved, there are plenty of shockers to go around — and enough to keep you bingeing on your couch for a few hours straight.
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2. There's not one, but two major love stories
It's one of the oldest TV tropes that sucks viewers in, and you'll totally fall for it with Power: Do you root for the wife, or the mistress? The answer seems like it should always be the wife — but in this situation, it's easy to struggle between Team Tasha (right) and Team Angela.
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3. And lots of steamy sex scenes
Oh, come on. You know one of the best parts about premium cable network shows is that the sex scenes can go there. And when there's a married man involved who's living a double life in more ways than one (Exhibit A: His mistress, Angela, right), there are some major make-you-blush moments.
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4. There is plenty of eye candy
I'm going to be transparent here and say that much of the appeal for this show for me is that everyone is good-looking. Me, personally: I love me some Ghost, with his goatee, quiet sensuality, and expensive tailored suits. Though, all of the men and women are beautiful. I'm willing to bet you'll enjoy feasting your eyes on Power.
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5. It's directed by 50 Cent
Okay, so I know that this reason to watch might not immediately get you. After all, he's an arrogant misogynist and we could name a million derogatory things he's said toward women, right? But 50 Cent knows his stuff. Specifically, the drug business in the streets of New York.
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6. This is a mostly brown person cast
I'm going to reiterate that: The majority of this cast is Black and Latino. And this is a show on a premium cable network. That is a big deal. The only other current drama I can think of with a comparable cast is Empire over on Fox. That alone is a reason to tune in and support — props to Starz for not being turned off by execs who may label this show as too "urban" because of it's mostly brown faces.
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7. New York is as much a character as the actual characters
Maybe I'm biased because I live here, but the way the show is shot is stunning. You feel the pulse of New York, whether it's in Ghost's penthouse apartment, his imaginary Meatpacking District nightclub, Truth, or a secret meet up spot in Queens. There are skylines and runs along the river and swanky hotel rendezvous; this is a New York drama at its best, in my opinion.
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8. This show is about a man's world & it was created by a woman
And not just any woman, but a Black woman! The show's creator and executive producer, Courtney Kemp, was inspired by her own father's life in New York as well as 50 Cent's. Even if you don't watch Power, remember her name: Last year she signed a deal with Starz to work with them long-term. We can't wait to see what other shows she dreams up.

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