Here's What Kevin Gnapoor From Mean Girls Looks Like Now

Is it too late to join the Mathletes? Sorry, but we've got some 1 + 1 action we wouldn't mind exploring with Kevin Gnapoor.

Yes, Kevin Gnapoor, the rapping, equation-solving, women-of-color-dating math nerd who befriends Cady (Lindsay Lohan) in Mean Girls. It's been 10 years since we saw Gnapoor working his charm on Janis Ian (Lizzy Caplan), which is far too long. Where is he and what's he doing?

Thanks to Cosmopolitan, we now know that Rajiv Surendra, who played Gnapoor, has swapped acting for a full-time degree at Handsome School. Check out these photos and tell us you wouldn't melt if he asked you what day it was.

Photographed by Lisa Kato for @clutchmagazinejapan

A photo posted by Rajiv Surendra (@rajivsurendra) on

Rooftop photoshoot

A photo posted by Rajiv Surendra (@rajivsurendra) on

In addition to being a calligrapher and chalkboard artist (yes, that's a job), Surendra is writing a memoir called Elephants in My Backyard. And to think, we wasted all that time crushing on Aaron Samuels.

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