This Sexist Ad Just Won A Prestigious Award

The Cannes Lions, a French festival that presents awards related to the advertising industry, came under fire this year for hosting a party to which "attractive females and models only" were invited. Former advertising executive Cindy Gallop called out how sexist this was in a tweet.

As if that weren't enough of a PR disaster, Gallop also pointed out that this aspirin ad won a bronze award there — and that it's rapey AF. She also called out the male-dominated advertising industry that chose to produce and celebrate it.

The ad was created by Brazilian ad agency AlmapBBDO for Bayer, according to Brand Equity.

We're not even sure what it's saying about aspirin. We do know what it's saying about filming someone having sex without their consent, though: that it's funny.

Based on people's reactions, it seems like the ad's message about rape culture came out far clearer than its message about aspirin...if there ever was one.


We don't know if we'd award this one with "most misogynistic" or "most confusing."

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