This Orange Is The New Black Star Lived In A Cage Until She Was Four

Everyone has a strange story about their childhood they like to pull out during icebreaker circles or while tipsy parties. Orange Is The New Black's Kate Mulgrew has at least two tales in her back pocket, and her trips down memory lane are definitely conversation starters.

While on Lorraine, a UK show, Mulgrew informed the host that she had been born with a full set of teeth. This genetic oddity gave her memoir, Born With Teeth, its name. But baby Mulgrew wasn't allowed to flash her toothy smile at daycare for long. She explained, "They're very dangerous because the baby could swallow them. So she [Mulgrew's mother] had the guy come and pull my teeth out."
But what guarantees Mulgrew would stump anyone in a game of "two truths and a lie" is her unusual habitat for the first four years of her life. "They built me a little cage because I had no sense of pain until I was four-years-old," she explained. The photos from her earliest days must be really incredible.

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