We Totally Know Who's Going To Die Next On Game Of Thrones

Warning! Spoilers ahead.
Death is an everyday kind of thing on Game of Thrones. You could probably count the number of episodes in the show's six-season history in which somebody hasn't died on one gold hand. But predicting who gets killed next? That's a tricky guessing game. Unless, of course, you're an eagle-eyed fan who analyzes the preview of the next episode frame-by-frame for clues. As first reported by Mashable, one clever Redditor spotted a telling detail about some of the action coming up this Sunday.
First, we see Cersei and the Mountain confronting the Sparrows. "Order your man to step aside or there will be violence," says Lancel Lannister, Cersei's cousin turned devoted Sparrow. "I choose violence," Cersei replies. Now, notice that at this point the Mountain's armor is #flawless.
Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Later, we see Lancel wielding a scary, club-like weapon.

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
And in another scene, we see the Mountain again. Now, his armor is dinged — and the dent in his breastplate looks exactly like it was made by Lancel's weapon. And you know what happens when someone takes a swing at the Mountain: They end up dead on the floor in a matter of seconds.

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Oh, and the last clue? Cersei's signature half smirk — you know, the one she can't help but make when she watches an enemy get gutted. Bye-bye Lancel!

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
In case you missed the preview, here it is in full.

Video: Courtesy of HBO.

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