How The Women Of GoT Want The Show To End

If you ask most Game of Thrones fans how they want their beloved series to end, they'd likely respond that they don't want it to end at all. In fact, they'd prefer to see an elderly Daenerys riding around on a dragon majestically aged like Falkor from The NeverEnding Story. But the actresses of Westeros have been thinking about how they want everything to play out when the credits roll for the last time, and shared their pitches with Entertainment Weekly.
Emilia Clarke doesn't see Khaleesi ending up on the throne in King's Landing, but instead sees the Mother of Dragons (accompanied by some "beautiful men") hanging out in the Caribbean. Sophie Turner, like many fans, sees Sansa as the ultimate ruler, but her ending also involves a lot of resurrection. Maisie Williams didn't have many details about her vision for the series conclusion, simply explaining it would involve a powerful Arya. Meanwhile Lena Headey and Natalie Dormer see their characters helping their children rule.

Basically, all the women of GoT (except for Gwendoline Christie) see their character and their characters' family members running the place. Maybe the real ending will involve them teaming up, and ruling together?

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