A Short History Of Goth Kids In Teen Movies

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The teen goth has been a valuable staple of the teen drama (or comedy) for decades. Sometimes, they're just part of one of the many background cliques. A familiar face in the halls to give viewers a sense of recognition: "Hey, they look just like that one group of fingerless lace glove lovers who went to my school!"
Sometimes, they're filling the all-important role of the rebel. The kids who don't care if denim miniskirts and blonde highlights are in. The goths wear the kind of clothes that speak to their aesthetic.
So, to celebrate World Goth Day on May 22, take a moment to remember the teen goths of your favorite movies: the ones who inspired you to try out the thick black eyeliner and black nail polish — even if it was only for a day.
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The Craft (1996)
Like punk before it, grunge blurred the edges between a teen fully committing to the goth aesthetic and those who just really enjoyed dark clothing and eyeliner. Though all the Craft girls were deemed witches even before they started messing with magic, only Nancy was undeniably goth.
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Mean Girls (2004)
Goths are conspicuously absent from the cafeteria rundown, though it looks like they'd be welcome among "the coolest people you'll ever meet."
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John Tucker Must Die (2006)
Watch for it at 1:07. Yes, at least one of the actresses in this pivotal role is officially billed as "Goth Girl."
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Jennifer's Body (2009)
Of course, the poor kid who obviously had a Hot Topic loyalty card eventually ends up at the mercy of the recently possessed popular girl.
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21 Jump Street (2012)
Goths were a constant even in the crazy post-Glee world that introduced hybrid-cliques that the undercover cops couldn't understand.
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Beautiful Creatures (2012)
Okay, yes, the goth look is only adopted because they're going full dark magic, but I want to be clear: The protagonist put on the smoky eyes herself, pre-magical transformation. The look was sure to inspire less magically gifted goth teens everywhere.

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