These Celebrities Have Addressed Student Loan Debt

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If you're still paying off your student loans, take comfort in the fact that Miles Teller is, too.

The actor told Vulture in March that he's still paying off the loans he took out to attend school at NYU. Other stars have also spoken out about the burden of student loan debt, like, Rosario Dawson, for instance.

It's an issue that's especially important in the current election year. Refinery29's Vote Your Values poll, conducted with ABC News, found that student loan debt is the top issue for 21% of millennial women.

The 2016 candidates are addressing the growing frustration with the cost of college, too. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has proposed making tuition free at public colleges and universities. Hillary Clinton has said that, "No family and no student should have to borrow to pay tuition at a public college or university…and everyone who has student debt should be able to finance it at lower rates." And Donald Trump told The Hill that the government shouldn't make money off student loans.

Click through to see what some of your favorite Hollywood stars have said about the issue. We'll be updating this post as the election season continues, so check back to see what more celebrities have to say on the matter as they continue to weigh in.

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Kate Walsh

"I am a person who came out of college with, oh, jeez, just thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in debt. And the only way I was, honestly, able to pay off my student loans was at age 37, because I happened to get on a big, fat TV show called Grey's Anatomy, and I was able to finally pay my student loan debt," Walsh told Refinery29. "And that's insane — it was just interest accruing and accruing and accruing. And that just shouldn't be the price tag of trying to get an education in this country."
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Rosario Dawson

"Free college, universities, that's a really, really big deal," Rosario told Democracy Now in April, explaining why she supports Bernie Sanders. "People shouldn't be thinking about that — for the rest of their life they're going to be having these deals, because I’m looking at people who are in their forties, fifties, and sixties that are still paying off their student loans. That's crazy."
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Miles Teller

"My business manager says the interest is so low, there's no sense in paying them off," Teller told Vulture of his student loans in 2015. "I can, if I want to have that badge of accomplishment, but until then, I still very much have my NYU loans."
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Taylor Swift

"Rebekah, now you're $1989 closer to paying off those student loans," — Taylor Swift wrote on a note she sent a fan in 2015, along with a check to help her pay off her student loans.
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Barack Obama

"Michelle and I both went to college because of loans and grants and the work that we did," President Obama said of his own student loan debt (or lack thereof!) during a 2014 speech. "But I'll be honest with you — now, I'm old, I've got to admit — but when I got out of school, it took me about a year to pay off my entire undergraduate education. That was it. And I went to a private school; I didn't even go to a public school. So, as recently as the '70s, the '80s, when you made a commitment to college, you weren't anticipating that you'd have this massive debt on the back end."

Obama went on to say that, "In America, no hardworking young person should be priced out of a higher education."

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