The Perfect Urban Decay Lipstick For Every Astrological Sign

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By now, you've been informed — by us and practically every beauty influencer on Instagram and YouTube — that Urban Decay is launching a metric fuck-ton (actual measurement, look it up. Just kidding, I made it up) of lipsticks this coming June. And predictably, every lipstick addict worth her weight in Mrs. Mia Wallace is freaking out.
But even for the most hardcore of UD fans, 100-plus lipsticks is an overwhelming number of tubes to sort through. Do you go for Gash or Bad Blood? Crank or Cruz? What if we told you there was a way to find the right shade for you that doesn't involve you endlessly trolling Instagram for swatches? The answer to your color quandary is written in the stars.
We asked our resident astrologers the AstroTwins to share your 2016 beauty horoscope. We took those readings and predicted which shades would be the perfect match for your zodiac sign. From Gemini's "classic feminine" to Leo's Kylie Jenner-esque pick, click through to find out which lipstick you absolutely need this year.
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"You're a classic sign, but with Jupiter in your fiery, flamboyant fifth house this year, Bulls are encouraged to step out of that conservative palette and turn some heads."
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The Shade: What's more classic (and fiery) than a bold, blue-based red?
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Your Perfect Pick: Spiderweb. Part of the Gwen Stefani (the modern-day patron saint of head-turning red) special collection, this bold pick is definitely anything but conservative.

Or Try: 714, Doubt, or F-Bomb

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Spiderweb, $17, available June 5 at Urban Decay.
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"You tend to be trendy and even tomboyish, the first one to try an outrageous color off the usual spectrum. But in 2016, 'classic feminine' is your beauty M.O. Try it — it could be one of the alter egos you haven't yet explored."
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The Shade: Classic doesn't have to be boring — why not try a standard pink with a twist?
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Your Perfect Pick: Rejected. Thanks to a metallic finish, this will help you explore that idea of "classic femininity" but keep the creativity — something Geminis thrive on.

Or Try: Brat, Double Team, or Obsessed.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Rejected, $17, available June 5 at Urban Decay.
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"With Jupiter in your trendsetting third house, your super-feminine sign needs to mix it up. You tend to find your go-to shade and stick to it loyally (like, for decades), but now it's time to experiment."
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The Shade: Fun, daring, and still quite girly — lilac, mauve, and pastel-esque shades of purple are right up your alley.
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Your Perfect Pick: Twitch. Hear us out here: Despite looking intimidating AF, this shade is actually kind of easy to wear. After swiping it on, you may look at yourself in the mirror and immediately call us lying scumbags, but give yourself a minute to adjust and we guarantee you'll change your mind. As an added bonus, throw on some of this with concealer and mascara (maybe a brow gel if you want to get sassy) and your face is done.

Or Try: Cruz, Notorious, or Vanity Kills.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Twitch, $17, available June 5 at Urban Decay.
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"While you're normally the first to reach for a high-gloss bright, Jupiter in your sophisticated second house beckons you to reach for a more understated hue and texture this year. Your signmate Kylie Jenner has the perfect matte for inspiration."
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The Shade: Besides being on-trend (thanks to the world's collective nostalgia for all things '90s), matte browns are shades that actually do work on everyone. We wouldn't have believed it if we hadn't tried it ourselves.
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Your Perfect Pick: 1993. Speaking of the '90s, this matte milk chocolate has an ever-so-slight brick undertone that makes it look warm, not chalky. Because "Chalky Cocoa" isn't a lipstick shade for a reason.

Or Try: Carnal, Stark Naked, or Uptight.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in 1993, $17, available June 5 at Urban Decay.
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"Express yourself! With wild-hearted Jupiter in your sign, you can break away from your refined routine and be as bold and bright as you want. You're having an audacious year, so this lipstick is perfectly named for you."
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The Shade: Bolder than pink and more unexpected than red, a true orange is fun, juicy, and will help you embrace that beauty wild-child vibe you've got going on this year.
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Your Perfect Pick: Crash. We think orange is a year-round color, but since it's perfectly suited to summer, it's a less scary pick for someone who may not be used to bright shades.

Or Try: Bang, Tilt, or Tryst.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Crash, $17, available June 5 at Sephora.
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"Jupiter is in your 12th house of fantasy now, encouraging a dreamy, soft-lit, glamorous vibe. Go for some ethereal, mermaid-inspired shimmer."
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The Shade: Sparkle, glitter, glitz, glamour — we are all about this lip horoscope. Magpies that we are, there's nothing better than a "so shimmery it looks wet" finish.
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Your Perfect Pick: Big Bang. Okay, so it's not really ethereal, but that's not exactly Urban Decay's M.O. But as for the shimmery part, Big Bang has that on lock. It goes on slightly less intense than how it looks in the tube, but make no mistake — this is a high-impact hue.

Or Try: Bobby Dazzle, Peyote, or Studded.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Big Bang, $17, available June 5 at Urban Decay.
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"With Jupiter in your humanitarian and lighthearted 11th house, step away from those super-dark colors and go for something more colorful."
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The Shade: You can't get much farther away from wine than with coral. Bright and vivacious, it's the perfect blend of pink and orange — the result is an effervescent color that can lift your spirits every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

Or Try: Streak, Checkmate, or Wired.
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Your Perfect Pick: Snitch. Another non-chalky pastel, this pinky-coral looks great on its own or paired with some bronze-y liner or matte, taupe lids.

Or Try:
Streak, Checkmate, or Wired.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Snitch, $17, available June 5 at Urban Decay.
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"With Jupiter in your sophisticated 10th house, it's time for some high-end hues. Skip the blinding brights and invest in a shade that can go from the boardroom to the bedroom."
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The Shade: We don't think a lipstick necessarily makes you a more kickass employee or lover (let's keep those two things separate, kids, for obvious reasons. This isn't Grey's Anatomy!), but there is something about rocking a moody berry that gives you that "Let's do this" mentality. An asset for both of those scenarios, no?
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Your Perfect Pick: Sabotage. Thanks to a good dose of fuchsia, this creamy color leans more raspberry than black cherry.

Or Try:
Moshpit, Venom, or Jilted.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Sabotage, $17, available June 5 at Urban Decay.
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"Your sign usually veers toward barely-there shades in earthier tones, but with Jupiter in your adventurous and outspoken ninth house, your lips need to make a statement that matches your bold words."
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The Shade: A deep, brick-red hue has more gravitas than a bright cherry, but still makes that all-important statement — mainly, that you're a badass, could care less what people think of you, and speak your mind.
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Your Perfect Pick: Mrs. Mia Wallace, which is basically Uma Thurman's Pulp Fiction character distilled into a tube: a little flirty, a dash of danger, and a whole lot of personality.

Or Try:
F-Bomb, Sancho, or Plaid.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Mrs. Mia Wallace, $17, available June 5 at Urban Decay.
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"It's sexy-time for you, Aquarius, a departure from your friendly and casual M.O. With Jupiter in your intimate eighth house, channel some mysterious vibes with a darker and more unusual shade."
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The Shade: When you want to get your emo on — in a grown-up way — stick to a super-dark color family. And if you really want to commit, just go full-on obsidian.
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Your Perfect Pick: Blackmail. This midnight eggplant (that's a real vegetable — I googled it) is basically a lipstick having an identity crisis. It's black with purple undertones. No, it's purple with a black finish. Either way you look at it, it's effing amazing on your lips.

Or Try:
Disturbed, Liquid, or Perversion.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Blackmail, $17, available June 5 at Urban Decay.
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"With Jupiter in your relationship house, you may be doing a lot of kissing and making up — or making out — in 2016. Keep your lips bright and hydrated."
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The Shade: A bright, juicy watermelon might just be the most lip-smacking shade Pantone ever dreamt up. Which, based on your predicted romantic life, is most definitely a good thing.
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Your Perfect Pick: Phone Call. It's a shade that makes you want to pucker up — on Snap, with bae, by yourself on a Netflix binge...

Or Try:
Alpha, Menace, or PDA.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Phone Call, $17, available June 5 at Urban Decay.
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"Normally the trendsetters of the zodiac, Aries are encouraged to try a more clean, fresh, and natural palette. Cruelty-free, vegan, and organic products are especially favored, and earth-toned or dark hues can work."
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The Shade: Nude has a lot of different meanings to a lot of different people. What's neutral for one skin tone may look washed-out on another. So when grabbing your nude, find one that is closest to your lip color, not your skin color. You don't want to look like you've got foundation on your lips. Or maybe you do. Totally your call.
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Your Perfect Pick: Naked. A warm rose that instantly adds some polish to a toned-down look. Not too loud, not too boring — it hits that sweet-spot, sophisticated-but-not-stuffy neutral.

Or Try:
Sheer Liar, Tantric, or Ex Girlfriend.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Naked, $17, available June 5 at Urban Decay.
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