35 Years Of Prince Hairstyles In One GIF

Photo: Courtesy of Giphy.

The world lost a legend yesterday. The iconic Prince was universally beloved for his music, unwillingness to conform, and overall badass otherworldly presence. Even if you weren't a diehard fan, you had to give it up for his always unique, anything-goes style (just take a gander at all the times he "got the look"). He wasn't one to go along with trends — he set them. As the late artist once put it: "A strong spirit transcends rules." Prince's IDGAF attitude spilled over into beauty, too.

Back in 2014, illustrator and set designer Gary Card created a chart documenting the evolution of Prince's hairstyle reign. From 1978 to 2013, His Royal Purpleness changed his look more than most of us probably will in our lifetimes. The world has been raining purple ever since the news broke yesterday, and this GIF shows just a snippet of his deep-rooted creative and cultural impact. While his loss may sting, we take solace in knowing his legacy will live on far, far beyond his passing.

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