Justin Trudeau Knows About Quantum Computing, Don't Test Him

We all know that Justin Trudeau is basically the perfect world leader. He’s an accomplished yogi and knows his way around roasting a national punchline. But how does he handle off the cuff intimations that he doesn’t know anything about quantum computing?

Pretty well, it turns out. A reporter covering Trudeau’s funding pledge to a think tank introduced a question about ISIL by saying that he wasn’t asking Trudeau to explain quantum computing. Trudeau wasn’t one to take such a slight lying down.

“Very simply, normal computers work by…” Trudeau said, prompting audience laughter and applause. “No, no, no. Don’t interrupt me. When you walk out of here you will know more, well, no, some of you will know far less about quantum computing.”

Here’s his full response below, in case you want to have a cool politician tell you how advanced computers work.


Whatever, he didn’t look half as cool as Obama did handling questions to which he had no business knowing the answer.


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