Grey's Anatomy Season 12, Episode 17 Recap: We Really Need To Talk

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
This week's episode of Grey's Anatomy is all about hot guys playing the guitar during brain surgery. Also: miscommunication.

The night's patient of the week is a man, played by Wilmer Valderrama, dealing with an MS hand tremor that's interfering with his guitar career. He's supposed to be charming, I guess, but his extreme flirting with the highly accomplished doctors about to poke around in his brain just reads as very creepy. Playing the guitar while your brain is being operated on does seem impressive though, and it prevents your surgeons from using that time to discuss their own personal issues (Richard actually books a surgery with his wife for the express purpose of having a meaningful discussion. Organs, people. Focus on the organs).
Just as Owen seemed to have hit peak irrationality in his "everything is Riggs' fault" mentality (he was basically one step away from blaming him for the shooting and Derek's car crash) Meredith (and the audience) learns his hatred isn't that irrational. Turns out Owen's sister didn't get onboard the lost chopper because Riggs was being supportive, but because Riggs was cheating on her and she wanted to get away. So Mer knows; Riggs knows she knows; and Owen includes Bailey, Meredith, and Amelia in a list of people he doesn't want to lose to Riggs, which is adorable.
The residents were battling over a superspecial grant that would allow them to leave the hospital for a year to complete a program across the country. So the question became, who do the writers need to dump on the East Coast — and off the show? While Jo seemed confident in her chances, Stephanie was anxious over getting Amelia's endorsement, since Penny had become her go-to doc. Amelia insisted she's totally team Stephanie, and Penny wasn't even going to apply until she overhears Stephanie nervously insulting her. So Penny tosses her hat into the ring, and wins. Does this mean Callie gets a new girlfriend next season, or will she and Arizona decide to try Calzona, version 17?
The moral of tonight's episode (because if Grey's offers anything on a weekly basis, it's a moral — and lots of spurting blood) is that you should always talk it out. Talk, don't assume. Because you probably misheard something or missed half the story, and a failure to communicate is what made Romeo and Juliet a tragedy. So it was gasp-inducing when we learn that April served Jackson with a restraining order after overhearing Mama Avery was going to get him to sue for full custody of their baby, while Jackson gave her a crib with a "let's not fight" note. Next week, will they be able to calmly and rationally discuss the mixed signals while shopping for strollers? Probably not.

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