These New "Donmoji" Are The Donald Trump Emoji We All Needed

Photo: Courtesy of The Oatmeal.
Move over, Kim Jong-un. There's a new insane set of emoji in town, courtesy of The Oatmeal. And they feature everyone's favorite Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump.

On Monday, The Oatmeal unveiled a set of 14 "Donmojis," which feature everything from Donald Trump's hair to his secret Bernie Sanders underwear. The set also includes one Bernie Sanders-mermaid emoji and a "Make-America-Great-Again Wall."

The Oatmeal cites web designer Ben Gillin's "Kimunji" icons — depicting North Korea's authoritarian dictator Kim Jong-un — as inspiration.

Among the set of Donmojis is a "Collectible Campaign Armband" that closely resembles a Nazi armband. There's also a "Make-America-Great-Again Shopping Center," which resembles a Walmart, but it's called "Winmart" (for obvious reasons) and features a lovely coiff of yellow-orange hair.

The best Donmoji by far? The "Just the Patriotism" emoji that has a naked Trump firing two automatic weapons while wearing only an American flag as a cape. He also happens to be riding an eagle.

It's absurd. It's inane. It's the perfect way to make emoji great again. Click here to see the entire set of Donmojis on The Oatmeal.

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