Adele Will Be Greeting Everyone Who Gets Ellen's Voicemail

Ellen DeGeneres could probably have any celebrity she wanted on her voicemail. But to make her "leave a message" recording truly special, she enlisted the help of Adele.

Adele and DeGeneres have already bonded through a Jamba Juice prank. And in the wake of their juiced hilarity, she asked Adele to record her incoming voicemail message. The songstress complied, reading the special version of "Hello" DeGeneres had written to meet her voicemail needs.

But simply reading the new lyrics wasn't enough for Adele, and with some gentle encouragement she belted the altered song. It's obvious that even after her awkward Grammys moment, she can own even the silliest musical number.

I'm guessing DeGeneres' friends will be skipping texts for a while. Hearing Adele's voicemail song first hand is a good enough reason to actually make an old school call.

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