The Best Part Of Snapchat? These Celebrities

Raise your hand if you love Snapchat.
If you're raising your hand, then you are actually not that special (sorry). There are at least 100 million daily Snapchatters — and that number is growing. As of February 2015, more than 60% of 13-to-34-year-olds had the app downloaded on their phone, according to a U.S. Census study on Snapchat's site. Whoa.
It's quick to use and has fun filters. It is a lot more real than Instagram, a lot less argumentative than Twitter, and a lot more hip than Facebook. Now that Snapchat has even infiltrated the White House, it's safe to say the app is in it for the long haul.
In addition to the political powers in D.C., dozens of celebrities are jumping on the Snapchat bandwagon, eager to share glimpses of their behind-the-scenes life with their fans.
Everyone from models to actresses (to model/actresses, to model/DJs, you get the idea) are daily users (DJ Khaled and Kylie Jenner just might be addicted) and now, some are even using the platform to premiere and share original content.
So open up the app and start adding these celebs. They'll make it worth your while.
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Yara Shahidi

Username: @slimshahidi

Typical Snap: Yara's not incredibly active on Snapchat, but what she posts, you'll want to see. She'll post the occasional vacation pics. Be prepared, because like blue moons, if you miss them, they go away.
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Skai Jackson

Username: Skaijackson

Typical Snap: Exactly what you always wondered being a 15-year-old Disney Channel star must be like
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Ella Purnell

Username: @E2Eradicate

Typical Snap: This young English actress has just been cast in Sweetbitter, out in 2018. For now, you can catch her many selfies on Snapchat.
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Typical Snap: Fun and artsy snaps.
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Dove Cameron

Username: DoveCameron

Typical Snap: "About to go into hair and makeup"
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Charlie Puth

Username: charlieputh

Typical Snap: Let's just say Charlie Puth doesn't hold back.
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Ross Lynch

Username: @ledcorsair

Typical Snap: The far too fun life of a young rock star.
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Finn Wolfhard

Username: finnwolfhard

Typical Snap: Finn is such a youth. You'll get to see, first-hand, how kids these days use Snapchat.
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Laverne Cox

Username: @lavernecox1

Typical Snap: Candid moments. She's so real.
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Jennifer Lopez

Username: @jlobts

Typical Snap: If you want to be really, really jealous of a wardrobe, follow JLo.
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A post shared by Zayn Malik (@zayn) on

Zayn Malik

Username: @zayn

Typical Snap: Whatever it is solo boy band members do nowadays. It's certainly not as exciting as marrying Yoko Ono and posing on the cover of Rolling Stone naked, though.
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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Username: rosiehw

Typical Snap: Huntington-Whiteley's son with Jason Statham was born in June of 2017; follow her journey into motherhood on her snap stories.
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Username: @ciara

Typical Snap: Glam, glam, glam. It's okay to immediately want Ciara's life when following her snap story.
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Rebel Wilson

Username: @rebelwilsonsnap

Typical Snap: In her latest story, Wilson showed off her walk-in closet, which is perfect, color-coded, and about the size of your bedroom.
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Sophia Amoruso

Username: @sophiaamoruso

Typical Snap: The founder of the fashion company NastyGal lives a jet-setting, exotic, exciting life. Tag along while she travels and throws sass.
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Patrick Ta

Username: @patricktta

Typical snap: Admire a skillful contour? Follow Ta's days as a makeup artist to the stars.
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Joyce Bonelli

Username: joyce_bonelli

Typical Snap: Documentation of Bonelli's life as the Kardashians' makeup artist.
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Keke Palmer

Username: keekthasneak

Typical Snap: Fierce selfies in the blue club light.
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Snoop Dogg

Username: snoopdogg213

Typical Snap: Pictures of his entourage, cigarette selfies, my favorite story feed
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Austin Mahone

Username: yungmahone

Typical Snap: Videos of the live performances you weren't present at
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Perrie Edwards

Username: perriesnap

Typical snap: The Little Mix singer posts mostly selfies and snapshots of her Yorkie. What else is Snapchat for, anyway?
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Chance the Rapper

Username: chancethesnapper

Typical snap: Anything that will make us love him more.
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Victoria Justice

Username: victoriajustice

Typical Snap: An intimate look into the actress and singer's life.
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Username: mackandryan

Typical Snap: Ooey, gooey, daddy-daughter affection, and updates on where his fans can find him.
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JoJo Fletcher

Username: jfletchaa

Typical Snap: Photographic evidence of the former Bachelorette and her one true love, Mr. Jordan Rodgers
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Jessica Alba

Username: jessicamalba

Typical snap: A behind-the-scenes glimpse into her business; typical selfies
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Hilary Duff

Username: @Ohheyhilary

Typical snap: Entertaining snapchats documenting her daily life.
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Frankie Grande

Username: @FrankieJGrande

Typical snap: For when Ariana Grande isn't enough, follow her older brother.
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Username: zendaya_96

Typical snap: A good ol' goofy expression
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Bella Thorne

Username: bellathornedab

Typical Snap: a pouty selfie, a glimpse of her nipple rings
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Photo via Snapchat
Olivia Culpo

Username: oliviaculpo

Typical Snap: Selfies in-between photoshoots
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Photo via Snapchat
Abel Tesfaye

Username: xo.official

Typical Snap: His band warming up
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Photo via Snapchat
Hailey Baldwin

Username: haileybisboring

Typical Snap: Goofy pics
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Photo via Snapchat
Julianne Hough

Username: jujucaroo

Typical Snap: Silly moments with her dog
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Photo via Snapchat

Username: T-Raww

Typical Snap: On-stage hyping and his grillz
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Photo via Snapchat
Keegan Allen

Username: lifelovebeautyb

Typical Snap: Artistic selfies
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Photo via Snapchat
Shawn Mendes

Username: shawnmendes1

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Canadian leaf

Typical snap: Shawn likes trying out every possible selfie filter.
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Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson

Username: TheRock

Snapchat Signature emoji: arm flexing (duh)

Typical snap: overzealous workout selfies
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Cara Delevingne

Username: caradevilqueen

Signature Snapchat Emoji: none

Typical Snap: Relentlessly goofy selfies
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Corinne Olympios

Username: colympios

Signature Snapchat Emoji: none

Typical Snap: Herself. Duh.
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Nick Viall

Username: nickviall

Signature Snapchat Emoji: none

Typical Snap: Selfies, because duh.
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Username: refinery29

Signature Snapchat Emoji: none

Typical Snap: Refinery29 gives you not only all the best celebrity, fashion, and beauty content, but it also has all insider scoop. We gotchu, boos.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Miranda Kerr

Username: mirandakerr

Signature Snapchat Emoji: pink flower

Typical Snap: Glam squad selfies, and videos of her cooking healthy recipes in the kitchen.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Ellen DeGeneres

Username: ellen

Signature Snapchat Emoji: cat

Typical Snap: The television personality often lends her Snapchat account to her famous guests who share funny messages. Her crew also has fun sharing behind-the-scenes moments from the set of her show.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
James Van Der Beek

Username: beekvanderjames

Signature Snapchat Emoji: none

Typical Snap: The former Dawson's Creek star will star as Diplo in an upcoming series on Viceland. In the meantime, he's hanging out with his wife and their four adorable kids.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Jen Atkin

Username: jenatkinhair

Signature Snapchat Emoji: scissors

Typical Snap: The hair stylist is quickly becoming a recognizable name on her own. She mostly snaps hair product line, OAUI, and an array of pics and videos with her famous clients including all of the Kardashian-Jenners, Chrissy Teigen, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, and Jessica Alba (to name a few).
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Tori Kelly

Username: koritelly

Signature Snapchat Emoji: sparkles

Typical Snap: Behind-the-scenes snaps from her life as a country singer.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Keke Palmer

Username: laurenpalmer

Signature Snapchat Emoji: tongue out

Typical Snap: The actress is always sharing sage advice with her Snapchat followers. (And it's usually hilarious.)
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Jonathan Cheban

Username: jonathancheban

Signature Snapchat Emoji: fork and knife

Typical Snap: Food, food, and more food. The fancier the better.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
John Stamos

Username: stamosofficial

Signature Snapchat Emoji: none

Typical Snap: Outtakes from the set of Scream Queens, along with some impressive filter selfies.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Heidi Pratt

Username: prattheidi

Signature Snapchat Emoji: none

Typical Snap: The other half of Speidi is an avid Snapper sharing her day-to-day activities with her followers, along with her adorable crew of fluffy pups.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Kendall Jenner

Username: kendalljenner

Signature Snapchat Emoji: baby angel

Typical Snap: Jenner's model jet-set life is in full force on her Snapchat. She also shares artsy pictures of milestone moments, like a selfie after she voted for the first time.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Bob Saget

Username: bobsterclaw

Signature Snapchat Emoji: none

Typical Snap: Bob Saget is surprisingly hilarious on Snapchat. Just give it a go. You won't be disappointed.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Sophia Bush

Username: sophiabushsnaps

Signature Snapchat Emoji: fox

Typical Snap: On-set selfies from her show, Chicago PD, and videos of her dog.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Millie Bobby Brown

Username: milliebbrown

Signature Snapchat Emoji: kiss

Typical Snap: The charming 12-year-old Stranger Things star is delightful to follow on Snapchat. She's constantly hanging out with other stars, and is eager to share tidbits of her exciting life with her fans.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Khloé Kardashian

Username: khloekardashian

Signature Snapchat Emoji: money bag

Typical Snap: KhloMoney, as she nicknamed herself, is constantly working out with her trainer and her older sister, Kourtney. When she's being filmed throwing punches in chic gym attire, she's sharing selfies of her glam squad in typical Kardashian fashion.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Kelly Oxford

Username: kellyoxford

Signature Snapchat Emoji: detective

Typical Snap: The Canadian author and comedian is a low-key internet sleuth (she's led Snapchat investigations on a mysterious A-list pedophile, as well as the JonBenét Ramsey and Amanda Knox cases) and a social media influencer (she recently ignited a moving conversation about sexual assault on Twitter leading with #notokay).
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Usher Raymond

Username: howusnap

Signature Snapchat Emoji: a lightbulb

Typical Snap: Usher is all about the details. He also loves a good selfie video, to really give an inside look into his life. I mean, who can forget about his aggressive steam room selfie?
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Reese Witherspoon

Username: snapsbyreese

Snapchat Signature Emoji: piece of cake

Typical Snap: All of Witherspoon's snaps are totally adorable. Just what you'd expect.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
John Mayer

Username: johnthekangaroo

Snapchat Signature Emoji: guitar

Typical Snap: John Mayer is all over the place these days. He's hanging out with the Stranger Things cast, sharing his intense facial care routine, and performing at the Emmys.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Troian Bellisario

Username: gaia17

Snapchat Signature Emoji: none

Typical Snap: The Pretty Little Liars star snaps her behind-the-scenes life which includes PLL swag (pictured), her directorial debut, and other fun videos.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Sofia Richie

Username: srichieee

Snapchat Signature Emoji: running man

Typical Snap: The daughter of singer Lionel Richie and stepsister of Nicole Richie has a pretty charmed life in Beverly Hills. She often shares snippets of her luxury lifestyle, which most recently includes tropical vacations with Justin Bieber.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Ryan Lochte

Username: ryanlochte

Snapchat Signature Emoji: gold medal

Typical Snap: The 12-time Olympic medalist has started using the app to show behind-the-scenes moments of his life. We're especially looking forward to his Dancing With The Stars snaps.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Keith Urban

Username: keithurban

Snapchat Signature Emoji: none

Typical Snap: The country superstar likes to focus on his fans in his snapchats, often flipping the camera to face his screaming crowds during shows. But, of course, he throws a few selfies into the mix. Who can resist?
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Kaitlyn Bristowe

Username: snapbackbean

Snapchat Signature Emoji: none

Typical Snap: The season 11 Bachelorette is hilarious on Snapchat. She and her fiancé, Shawn Booth (the winner of her season, props to them for being in love IRL) are also #couplegoals, too.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Fetty Wap

Username: fettywap1738

Snapchat Signature Emoji: dollar bills

Typical Snap: The "Trap Queen" rapper loves using those filters.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Alexa Chung

Username: chungalexa

Snapchat Signature Emoji: none

Typical Snap: The model and designer shares snaps of her favorite products and chill moments with famous friends.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Lea Michele

Username: msleamichele

Snapchat Signature Emoji: none

Typical Snap: Snaps from recording sessions, backstage access on her various projects, and funny selfies.
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Photo via Snapchat.
Gucci Mane

Username: guwopsnap

Snapchat Signature Emoji: baby face and ice cream cone

Typical Snap: Analysis of his OOTD, sneak peeks of his music in the studio, and videos proving that he isn't a clone.
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Photo via Snapchat.
Chris Pratt

Username: chrisprattsnap

Snapchat Signature Emoji: speak no evil monkey

Typical Snap: Inspirational mantras, movie announcements, and random moments, like this one with a donkey.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Michelle Obama

Username: michelleobama

Snapchat Signature Emoji: hair flip girl

Typical Snap: Worldly travels with influential people, and snaps of her blossoming garden in D.C.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Kourtney Kardashian

Username: kourtneykardash

Snapchat Signature Emoji: letter 'K'

Typical Snap: Workout sessions, luxurious trips, and downtime with the kids.
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Screenshot via Snapchat.
Chelsea Handler

Username: chelseahandler

Snapchat Signature Emoji: raised arm woman

Typical Snap: Every once in awhile, Handler will rap and narrate all of her snaps of the day. It's pretty amazing.
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Photo via Snapchat.
Brody Jenner

Username: nextjenneration

Snapchat Signature Emoji: none

Typical Snap: His adorable dog, new fiancée, and sneak peeks at his aspiring DJ skills.
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Photo via Snapchat.
Spencer Pratt

Username: prattspencer

Snapchat Signature Emoji: baby face

Typical Snap: A reoccurring rotation of him making espresso, practicing jujitsu, eating burritos or sushi, and critiquing celebrities in gossip mags.
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Photo via Snapchat
Blac Chyna

Username: blacchynala

Snapchat Signature Emoji: baby face

Typical Snap: Selfies with a reluctant Rob Kardashian, videos of King Cairo, her son with Tyga, and snaps of her purple Lambo.
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Photo via Snapchat
Chanel Iman

Username: cigotcha

Snapchat Signature Emoji: heart and peace sign

Typical Snap: Behind-the-scenes videos of photo shoots, sassy selfies, and other typical moments in the life of a young, jet-setting model.
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Photo via Snapchat

Username: diplo

Snapchat Signature Emoji: mustached man

Typical Snap: Vacations, shirtless selfies, and wild crowds at his shows.
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Photo via Snapchat
Kim Kardashian West

Username: kimkardashian

Snapchat Signature Emoji: peach

Typical Snap: Her glam squads, Nori playing with filters, and some candids of Kanye West.
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Photo via Snapchat
Justin Bieber

Username: rickthesizzler

Snapchat Signature Emoji: prayer hands

Typical Snap: Shirtless selfies; sometimes, he sings
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Photo via Snapchat
Chrissy Teigen

Username: chrissyteigen

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Pizza slice

Typical Snap: Lots and lots of delicious food
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Photo via Snapchat
The White House

Username: whitehouse

Snapchat Signature Emoji: United States flag

Typical Snap: Behind-the-scenes moments with the Administration
83 of 105
Photo via Snapchat
Paris Hilton

Username: RealParisHilton

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Pink bow

Typical Snap: Her dog and her jet-setting lifestyle
84 of 105
Photo via Snapchat
Ariana Grande

Username: moonlightbae

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Moon

Typical Snap: Videos of her singing
85 of 105
Photo via Snapchat
DJ Khaled

Username: djkhaled305

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Key

Typical Snap: Motivational mantras
86 of 105
Photo via Snapchat
Lady Gaga

Username: ladygaga

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Maincure nails

Typical Snap: Special messages to her fans
87 of 105
Photo via Snapchat
Calvin Harris

Username: calvinharris

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Tiger

Typical Snap: His dinner and studio time
88 of 105
Photo via Snapchat
Bella Hadid

Username: babybels777

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Pizza slice

Typical Snap: Photo shoots and food
89 of 105
Photo via Snapchat
Kylie Jenner

Username: kylizzlemynizzle

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Crown

Typical Snap: Mini-movies and car ride selfies
90 of 105
Photo via Snapchat
Eva Longoria

Username: realevalongoria

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Lipstick

Typical Snap: Makeup chair videos
91 of 105
Photo via Snapchat
Nicole Richie

Username: itsnikkifresh

Typical Snap: Good Charlotte concerts and her clothing line
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Photo via Snapchat
Nick Jonas

Username: jicknonas

Typical Snap: Backstage and pre-show videos
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Photo via Snapchat
Meghan Trainor

Username: mtrainor22

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Electric guitar

Typical Snap: Glam squad selfies
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Photo via Snapchat
Rick Ross

Username: ferrarifatboy

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Pear

Typical Snap: Stacks of money and expensive jewelry
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Photo via Snapchat
Kate Hudson

Username: khudsnaps

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Sun

Typical Snap: Breakfast, Pilates, glam squads, and family (basically everything)
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Photo via Snapchat
Gigi Hadid

Username: itsgigihadid

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Lipstick smooch

Typical Snap: Overseas jetlag selfies
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Photo via Snapchat
Selena Gomez

Username: selenagomez

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Heart

Typical Snap: Announcements for her album
98 of 105
Photo via Snapchat
Shay Mitchell

Username: officialshaym

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Salsa girl

Typical Snap: Gym sessions and hanging out with her friends
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Photo via Snapchat
Jared Leto

Username: jaredleto

Signature Snapchat Emoji: Cactus

Typical Snap: California day trips
100 of 105
Photo via Snapchat
Hailee Steinfeld

Username: haiz

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Mischievous devil

Typical Snap: Hangouts with famous and non-famous friends
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Photo via Snapchat
Ashley Benson

Username: benzo33

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Lipstick

Typical Snap: #NoMakeup selfies
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Photo via Snapchat
Joe Jonas

Username: joseadam

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Purple digimon

Typical Snap: Funny pictures on tour with his band, DNCE
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Photo via Snapchat
Ryan Seacrest

Username: ryanseacrest

Snapchat Signature Emoji: Clapboard

Typical Snap: Red carpet videos
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Photo via Snapchat
Ansel Elgort

Username: anselelgort

Typical Snap: Singing videos and rugs
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