This Is The Best Friends Sub-Plot Of All Time

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For too long, Ross Geller has been known by the superficial elements of his life. Oh, Ross? He’s the guy from Friends who will go to his grave insisting he and Rachel were on a break. He’s the guy who loves getting married. Most annoyingly, he is the one who loves dinosaurs. How unfair this world can be. Where is the celebration of Ross’ true identity — as a musician?

When we were first introduced to Ross’ sound in 1997's "The One Where Chandler Crosses A Line," it was presented to us in a humorous light. How funny, his friends thought. Ross is an anthropologist who secretly yearns to make music. Well.

We’re of the opinion that Ross is a gifted artist whose genius has gone unnoticed for years. This neglect ends today, on David Schwimmer’s birthday. We’re taking this opportunity to pay homage to the underrated musical career of Ross Geller — a maestro who just happens to be a dinosaur-loving serial monogamist.
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Ross' “Sound”
As seen in: "The One Where Chandler Crosses A Line" (1997)

When Ross shares with the group that he was once very passionate about his keyboard music (which he refers to as his "sound"), the gang insists on hearing it. “It’s about communicating very private emotions," Ross tells them before launching into one of his “wordless sound poems.”

They convince him to play at Central Perk, and Phoebe is inevitably the only one who finds him "inspired." Except for us, of course.
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Ross' Sacrifice
As Seen In: "The One With The Prom Video" (1996)

Ross, a college man, is sitting on the stairs inside his parents' home, practicing his keyboard. Monica and Rachel are getting ready for their prom, but Rachel's date, Chip, is a no-show. When Rachel gets upset at the prospect of missing her own prom, Jack and Judy suggest to Ross that he take her. Inspired by the romantic idea of sweeping his crush off her feet, he agrees. "Hold my board," he tells his dad, handing over the tiny piano.

Except, Chip shows up just as Ross was ready to emerge in a tux, flowers in hand. Oh, woe is he!

We can take comfort in the fact that Ross' heartache likely inspired many a wordless sound poem.
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Ross Dancing
As Seen In: “The One With The Routine” (1999)

While technically not an instance of Ross creating music, this definitely an expression of how deeply he feels it. When he and Monica do their routine, nothing can stop them. This is Ross in his truest form. If only there were footage of that summer during college when he lived with Gramma and tried to make it as a dancer.
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Ross’ Bagpipes
As Seen In: “The One With Joey’s New Brain” (2001)

No wedding is complete without the obligatory playing of “Celebration.” Ross knows that — which is why he’s offered to add the bagpipes to his already diverse repertoire. It doesn’t matter if no one else understands his art. It doesn’t matter if Chandler and Monica want the bagpipes at their wedding. All that matters is that we saw Ross in one of his finer musical moments.
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Ross' Ballad
As Seen In: "The One With Ross' Inappropriate Song" (2002)

Is it Ross' fault that Emma laughs at her father singing the anthem of Sir Mix-a-Lot? Is it Ross' fault that his voice is so angelic it soothes even the fussiest infant? And is it Ross' fault that his combination of singing and dancing is so contagious that even Rachel cannot help but join in? We think not.
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Ross' Band
As Seen In: "The One Where The Stripper Cries" (2004)

In college, Ross and Chandler were in a band called Way, No Way. We don't get to see them perform, but we do see a flashback of Ross hanging up a flyer for the band at the student union. Isn't there a small part of you that would pay good money to see a Way, No Way concert? Just think of the keyboards.

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