Caitlyn Jenner Sought Advice From Scott Disick

Photo: James White/E! Entertainment.
Scott Disick is back... sort of. Although the reality star is still separated from partner Kourtney Kardashian, he was able to pop by former quasi-step-father-in-law Caitlyn Jenner's house for a chat about the latter's gender transition.

Jenner invited Disick over to get a man's perspective on her transition and a better understanding of how the public sees her. We would have gone with Kanye, but Disick proved surprisingly helpful.

"I definitely think it's a lot different from me than a buddy you know because the sense that you've been in my life a long time," Disick shared in a preview clip set to air on I Am Cait. "You're part of my kids' life. I don't know if every man in the world is going to be as comfortable as I am."

That includes Kim Kardashian's ex-husband Kris Humphries, the sort of "hater" Jenner says she doesn't need in her life.

Ultimately, Disick dispenses some wisdom that sounds like something Dorothy or Rose might say over a cheesecake. That's a good thing.

"Anyone who's worth being in your life will understand and will work at the relationship," he reassures Jenner.

Truth. Anyone else can get lost. (E!)

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