Leaked Images Reveal Apple's New iPhone... & It's Pink

Photo: Courtesy Apple.
In less than a month, Apple's next iPhone will be introduced to the world. Details around the new smartphone are still mostly steeped in speculation. However, we did learn one big, very important thing about the upcoming handset today: It's going to come in pink.

Photos leaked on Chinese social media and posted to Daliulian (via Cult of Mac) reveal the rosy new hue. The photos show a pleasant, subdued light pink on a phone that looks practically identical to the current iPhone 6. The color is in line with the silver and gold options already available for the iPhone — it's not bright and eye-popping like the pink iPhone 5c shade from last year.

We expect some other major changes in the next iPhone, too. Chief among them is the addition of Force Touch, which would make the iPhone's touchscreen not just touch sensitive, but also force sensitive. This could come in handy if you're sketching on your phone's display and will eliminate extra taps and swipes when navigating through onscreen app menus.

But with this new rose gold iPhone, we'll be able to match our manicure to our phone and not look like an extra in an Austin Powers' movie. Click on for the leaked photos.
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Photo: Courtesy Daliulian.
The new pink shade will likely be called "rose gold," like the similar Apple Watch color option.
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Photo: Courtesy Daliulian.
Depending on the lighting, the pink hue looks more pink and less gold.
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Photo: Courtesy Daliulian.
While it's possible these images could be (excellent) Photoshop fakery — 9to5Mac has doubts that these are actual iPhones — rumors of a rose gold iPhone have been circulating for a while.
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Photo: Courtesy Daliulian.
The pink color is fronted by a white face, like the gold and silver iPhones.
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Photo: Courtesy Daliulian.
This phone is going to look so good peeping out of your pocket this fall.

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