Does Scott Disick's "Other Woman" Really Deserve Death Threats?

By now, you probably know that it's L.A.-based stylist Chloe Bartoli who is allegedly the other woman involved in Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian's (again, alleged) breakup. But in case you missed it, the Internet is saying it went something like this: Disick went to Monaco without Kardashian, was photographed canoodling with Bartoli, photos leaked, Internet exploded, the couple announced their breakup.

So who is Bartoli, anyway? An L.A.-born and -bred stylist who, with her twin sister, Marie-Lou, dresses the likes of Nicole Richie, Jared Leto, and Miranda Kerr. In fact, we dubbed her a rising star in 2012, and she's a girl about town in L.A.

And while we certainly don't have the whole story behind what went down between her and Disick in Monaco (only the ones on the inside are privy to that), the Internet wrath that's come down upon Bartoli is shocking, to say the least. A source close to our L.A. office says Bartoli is devastated and in hiding — but how can you hide from the Internet?

Peep her Instagram, and you'll find tens of thousands of comments that range from "bitch, you destroyed a family" to sexually offensive remarks and body-shaming to full-on death threats, many of which are tagged with #teamkourtney.

Which leads to the question: When do we the Internet learn that no woman deserves harassment like this?

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