The Homeland Season 5 Trailer Is Here

Image courtesy of Showtime
When Homeland's season 4 finale aired, viewers were left with plenty of questions to ponder. Now, we have a few more to add to the pile. The season 5 trailer has finally arrived, and it seems Carrie has some demystifying to do.

We already know that the series fast-forwards two years for its fifth season. Carrie is living in Germany, but it seems she still hasn't been able to entirely leave her CIA life behind. (Did we ever imagine her capable of that?) Apparently, now she's "just trying to do good work" and "not atoning" for anything these days, particularly not being "naive and stupid," as Sol calls her to her face. Not quite sure what to make of that putdown without a little more context.

All theories about what to expect on season 5 would be welcome. What is going on here? Who's abducting Carrie and where are they taking her?! Inquiring, impatient minds must know! Homeland's fifth season will premiere on Showtime this fall, an exact date has yet to be announced.

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