Meet The Adorable Orphaned Baby Lamb Of NYC

You see a lot of strange things on the streets of New York City. Strange, wonderful and amazing. But rarely do you see something as adorable as a baby lamb. Just wandering the streets. Hitting the bar scene. Drinking milk from a bottle. Breaking your heart. 

But Smokey Da Lamb is no ordinary lamb. According to The New York Post, the three week old (see, he's a BABY!) little guy was abandoned by his mother and had nearly froze to death at a farm in West Winfield, NY. Poor baby!

However, since being taken in by foster parents in Manhattan, Smokey has thrived and become the talk of the town. He won't be able to stay forever, just until he's fully weaned. But until then, if you're visiting or live in NYC, don't be shocked to see this little guy sitting next to you at the newest Williamsburg hot spot. 

Don't worry, he won't BAHHHther you.

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