Cards Against Humanity Has Gone Mobile, Sort Of

Cards Against Humanity, the self-proclaimed "party game for horrible people," is a great way to get your friends to put down their phones for a second and share their dirtiest and most offensive thoughts with you face to face. Until now. UX designer Dawson Whitfield has turned it into a free mobile game.

Besides its irreverent tone, Cards' biggest claim to fame is the fact that it's under a Creative Commons license, so you can either buy a set from the makers for $25, or you can print your own for free (or, you know the cost of the ink). Whitfield took things to the next step with his website Now you can gather your friends and their phones, tablets, and laptops, send them a link, and play without actual cards. It's all done by dragging and dropping virtual cards on a browser window, no app necessary. 

You do still need to be together to read cards aloud to each other, which is a nice way of making you actually interact in person. This also means you won't have to lug around a box of cards the next time you want to play the game on a road trip or in a bar — provided your cell service can handle all that ironic humor. (Taxi)      

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